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Michael’s First St. Nicholas Day

Tuesday, December 6, 2016, was little Michael’s first St. Nicholas Day.  When my parents came to help out with our little one, my mom brought him his very own stocking that she creatively and lovingly made for him.  It is decorated with felt, just like all of our family stockings.  Little Michael’s stocking  has a… Continue reading Michael’s First St. Nicholas Day


Little Michael’s Birth Day- Part Two

As I described in my previous post, most of the afternoon in the hospital passed by in a leisurely manner.  I remember lying in bed with the epidural, feeling anticipation, excitement, and also very relaxed.  This relaxed and calm atmosphere did not last very long.  Below I tell the rest of the story of little… Continue reading Little Michael’s Birth Day- Part Two


38 Weeks

How Big is Baby McLees?  With just 2 weeks to go, little Michael is comparable in size to the following: a tackle box, a ukelele, a Pomeranian, and a striped skunk.  He measures 20+ inches in length and weighs 7+ pounds.  He may have an inch or so of hair already, but the actual amount… Continue reading 38 Weeks