Welcome to seasideincincy!  My name is Heidi, and this is a personal blog about my life.  I am 33 years old, born and raised in the great state of Texas.  My hometown is New Braunfels, Texas, located between San Antonio and Austin in the beautiful hill country.  I have been married to my wonderful husband Michael for 5 years.  We met and lived in San Antonio, Texas.  We have 3 dogs including a dachshund named Beretta, a chihuahua named “DuTchess”(her name is intentionally misspelled because she’s named after my late greyhound, Dutch), and a doberman named Kaiser.  Early last spring, Michael and I made the decision to move to Cincinnati, Ohio.   Our three dogs made the move with us.  We arrived in Cincinnati in November 2015, and I decided to start a blog to chronicle this new chapter in our lives.  I was an elementary school and middle school teacher in Texas, and Michael was an attorney.  He is going to open a new warehouse for a charity clothing pickup program, and I will be working part-time to help him with this endeavor.  I named my blog seasideincincy because I am in love with all things beach cottage.  I decorated our previous home in San Antonio with nautical, coastal, and beach decor and will be continuing this style of decor in our new home in Cincinnati.


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