With a Silver Spoon in His Mouth

When little Michael started using a spoon to feed himself, we introduced him to my silver spoon.  It’s a sterling silver toddler spoon that was given to me by my grandmother when I was a baby.  Watching him use the same spoon that I had used was very special for me.  I was grateful that my mom had saved and taken care of this heirloom so that it could be shared with my own children.

Here is a picture of the spoon along with a silver cup, rattle, and other baby things saved and cared for by my mom for 34 years!  She had all of these items freshened up and gave them to me right before my baby shower.

IMG_6283 (2).jpg

Since it is a toddler spoon, it is very small.  One evening a few months ago when I was doing the dishes, this adorable spoon ended up in our garbage disposal.  The garbage disposal, a 3/4 hp Waste King Michael installed himself when the original one broke, did quite a vicious number on the poor little spoon.  In a span of no more than two seconds, the Waste King succeeded in mangling and destroying the silver spoon.  As soon as I heard the disposal clanking around, I realized what had happened.  I turned off the switch and reached my hand into the disposal to retrieve the badly beaten and bent spoon.  With tears in my eyes, I carried what was left of the spoon outside where Michael was playing with little Michael.  I was really upset and showed him the mangled spoon.

IMG_7451 (2).jpg

IMG_7449 (2)


IMG_7450 (2)

IMG_6279 (2).jpg

Metal is malleable; I remember hammering (no pun intended) this into my students’ heads when I was teaching science and they were learning about physical properties.  The work of our Waste King would have provided a perfect real life example of this property.  Fortunately, this very same physical property means that the condition in which the spoon was left in after its ride in the disposal could possibly be reversed.  This did not occur to me at the time of the incident.  But the wheels were already spinning in Michael’s head.

After I showed the spoon to Michael, I left it on the kitchen counter.  I was certain it was done for, ruined.  Michael, on the other hand, got busy researching sterling silver repair online.  I’m thankful he did because his efforts led us to Mr. David Friedman.  He is the owner of Friedman Silversmiths in Bellingham, Washington, the place to go for “quality silver restoration, repair, replating, and straightening.”  You can visit David’s website here.  It even has a section under the Silver Flatware Repair tab that mentions garbage disposal damaged flatware specifically!  Elated that Michael had thought to locate a silver repair service for me, and one that seemed to cater to the exact type of silver damage we were dealing with, I wasted no time contacting Mr. Friedman.    On the website, you can contact David via email or an online form.  I emailed him some pictures and explained what the Waste King had done to the spoon.  I received a prompt and friendly response, and before we knew it, little Michael’s silver spoon was on its way to Bellingham, Washington, ready for Mr. Friedman to work his magic.

And work magic he did!  He contacted me to let me know the spoon had arrived and then sent an email a few weeks later to say that it was repaired and on its way back to St. Louis.  The spoon arrived just a few days ago.  Michael and I are amazed at what Mr. Friedman did to repair the spoon.

Here it is in all its restored glory!

IMG_8348 (2).jpg

IMG_8347 (2).jpg

IMG_8346 (2).jpg

He was even able to maintain the design on the stem of the spoon as well as the original engravings.

IMG_8403 (2).jpg

IMG_8402 (2).jpg

Mr. Friedman is extremely talented, and I am so glad Michael found Friedman Silversmiths!


Little Michael is also very happy to have his shiny silver spoon back!

IMG_8352 (2)


IMG_8359 (2)

If you have silver in need of repair, I highly recommend Friedman Silversmiths!  Mr. Friedman was very easy to get in touch with and provided excellent customer service.  Considering the time and effort he put into restoring the tiny toddler spoon, I know his work on larger pieces would be of the utmost quality as well.


One thought on “With a Silver Spoon in His Mouth

  1. That is the cutest picture of Michael taking a bite with the “new” spoon. It always amazes me how small toddler hands are.


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