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DIY Magnet Board

While little Michael and I were deep in the heart of Texas to run the 5K and visit family, Valentine’s Day was fast approaching, and Michael was busy working on a project, turning a little home decor dream I had into a reality.  We have not had a metal refrigerator since we lived in San Antonio.  This was a bit of an issue for me because I have a plethora of magnets that have been collected from all of our travels.  It’s a fun and meaningful collection, and I love to look at the magnets and remember the places we have visited.  The stainless steel fridge we had in Cincinnati had metal sides and still allowed me to display my collection in our kitchen.  However, when we bought our house here in St. Louis, it did not have a refrigerator, and we had to buy a new one.  Michael picked out a beautiful, sparkling, brand new stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator for our kitchen.  The only thing missing- my magnets!

I found some magnet boards for sale online, but for the size I wanted, it would have cost over $200 for the board plus an additional $150-$200 to ship the thing!  Yikes!  I wasn’t missing my magnets that much!  Before little Michael and I flew down to Texas, I showed Michael some ideas I had found for DIY magnet boards.  He loves projects, and always completes them with a finesse that even the most accomplished handyman would envy.  After glancing at some of the ideas, Michael told me he would make me one, and even better, that it would be done before I returned from Texas.  A Valentine’s Day treat!

Here are some pictures of our kitchen, pre-magnet board.  Around the corner after the fridge, there’s a little hallway that takes you from the kitchen into the laundry room and then out to the garage.



In the picture above, the laundry room is in the background of the hallway.  The sliding doors on the right go to a small closet and our pantry.  You can’t see it in the photograph, but there’s a wall around the corner from the fridge and directly across from the closet and pantry doors.  That wall provided the perfect place for Michael to build our magnet board.

To gather the necessary materials, Michael did some research online.  He found an architectural sheet metal contractor, Vogel Heating and Plumbing, right down the road from us in Fenton, MO.  He was able to purchase a sheet of metal cut to the correct dimensions for our wall for only $30.  At Lowe’s, he found the remaining items needed for the job: construction adhesive to adhere the metal to the wall and wood trim to create a border around the metal.  He used mounting screws to hold the metal in place and line it up straight while he applied the construction adhesive.  Once the adhesive had set, he was able to remove the screws.  The wood trim he found matches our existing trim perfectly!  The magnet board Michael designed and built for me looks like it has always been a part of our kitchen.  I was ecstatic when I walked through the door on Valentine’s Day, the day we returned from Texas, and caught my first glimpse of the magnet board.



I love the way the border around the metal makes the board blend in so nicely with our kitchen.


While little Michael was napping on the day after we got back from Texas, I was busy unpacking my beloved magnet collection.


My collection had been in storage while we were in our rental house, and it had been over two years since I had seen all of my glorious magnets.


I had fun unwrapping the little shell chihuahua my niece Marcella made for me a few years ago.


After I had them all unwrapped, it was time to place them on the new magnet board.


Our magnet collection contains little remembrances from places we’ve been together as well as from places we visited on our own, including Michael’s golf trip to Scotland and my study abroad program in southern Mexico.  Family members have also given us magnets from the trips they have taken.

Now that the board is up, I have a convenient place to keep my grocery list and the wall calendar that is hanging next to it.  It has become my kitchen organization station.  However, the best part of the magnet board is little Michael’s area.


I put some puppy magnets and alphabet and number shapes on the bottom portion of the board.  Little Michael loves taking them off and putting them back on.  He also likes to take them off the board and put them on the washing machine or inside the dryer while I am doing laundry!


I am very excited about our new magnet board.  Since its dimensions are 3.5 ‘ x 6,’ I should probably refer to it as a magnet wall!  Michael did a superb job building it, and I am so happy for this special place to keep all of our magnets.


5 thoughts on “DIY Magnet Board

  1. Beautiful job Michael! This is inspiring for us as well! I like how the “sentimental” magnets are out of reach from the little guy, and you have a handy place for grocery lists and pens. I actually prefer this to magnets on the fridge!


  2. The magnet board looks great. It’s BIG! Room for a lot. Cute pics of Little M at the board. A little St. Louis trivia: Did you know that in 1904, the year of the St. Louis Worlds Fair, St. Louis also hosted the 1904 Summer Olympics? Mommy and I learned it while watching a Murdoch Mysteries episode the other night. I double checked it on Wikipedia. The first modern Olympics was in Athens, Greece, in 1896. The second was in Paris, France, in 1900, and the third was in St. Louis, Mo., in 1904. We wondered where in St. Louis was the site, and whether the Olympics were going on before, during, or after the Fair. One of the men in the Murdoch episode going to the Olympics mentions going to the Fair, so maybe the Olympics were during. Interesting. Love, Daddy XXX.


    1. This is great St. Louis trivia! I had no idea! It says they were held at what is now Francis Field on the Washington U campus here. I am surprised there is not more evidence around St. Louis of the city having hosted the first Olympics outside of Europe; it’s a pretty big deal! Thank you for reading the blog and sharing this factoid!


  3. Wow! I love what you did Michael and Heidi I am so glad you got a pretty new home for your treasured magnets! I love your blog!!!


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