11 Months

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Michael hit the 11-month mark on October 14.  During his 11th month, Michael grew some new teeth, spent time outside welcoming the season of fall, and experienced a swing for the very first time.

Moving:  Little Michael is busy crawling all over the place.

IMG_5062 (2)

Pushing around the new walker is lots of fun, too!

IMG_4669 (2)

IMG_5059 (2)

We can’t wait to see when he will decide to take his first steps.  Right now, he is getting better at standing without support.

IMG_4868 (2).jpg

He still cruises around, holding himself up on furniture.  “Sledding” is another mode of transportation our little one continues to enjoy.

Talking:  As Michael gets more teeth, it seems like the sounds he can make are increasing in variety, too.  His favorite thing to say is still “baa baa baa baa,” but he is also saying “da da da” a lot.  He makes a really cute squealing/squeaking noise whenever he sees a dog or cuddles with his blankets.

Hands:  Michael started waving “hi” during the 11 month!  It’s so cute.  He’s starting to look out the window and wave goodbye to his dad when he leaves for work.  He’ll also wave to people when we’re in line at the grocery store.  Sometimes, he likes to greet me with a wave when he wakes up from a nap.  Little Michael’s pincer grip is getting better.  He can pick up cheerios and puffs like a pro now.  I left this out of the previous post, but during the 10th month, Michael started handing us things.  He’ll even give us a toy he’s holding if we ask him for it and he feels in the mood to share.  This month, he has started to put things in our mouths!  He finds this very amusing.

Sleep:  I’m happy to report our little one appears to be getting back to sleeping through the night!  He has been “Ferberized!”  Thanks to a Dr. Richard Ferber, our entire household has been able to return to a routine of sleeping through the night.  Until he was about 9 months old, little Michael had been sleeping through almost every night.  However, he fell out of this wonderful habit sometime in August.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided it was time to do something before he got too comfortable with the return of middle-of-the-night feedings.  Enter the Ferber Method.

I haven’t read Dr. Ferber’s book, but after some research on the internet, I felt comfortable enough with my understanding of the method to try and implement it with our night owl.  In a nutshell, it’s the cry it out method.  But it’s not just leaving baby to cry in the dark until he falls asleep.  The Ferber Method involves letting your little one cry for predetermined amounts of time before entering the nursery.  The goal is to teach him to self-soothe and put himself to sleep.  When you go in to comfort baby, you speak in a low, soft voice, patting him on the back, and reassuring him that he has not been abandoned.  After 1 or 2 minutes, you leave, even if his crying intensifies as you exit.  Then you return for another comforting “visit” after a specific amount of time. Each night, the time between your “visits” increases.

It only took us two nights of “Ferberizing” before little Michael resumed sleeping through the night.  I was amazed!  He even woke up on the next two nights, but cried for less than 10 minutes and then fell back asleep on his own, without us having to go in and comfort him.  Before we implemented the Ferber Method, little Michael’s night wakings were sometimes occurring more than once a night, and he was waking up very early in the morning.  I was having trouble sleeping during this time.  I kept waking myself up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back asleep.  I would just lay in bed, wide awake, anticipating little Michael waking up.  On the second night of the “Ferberization” process, Michael sent me down to the basement for the night.  I got to sleep in our guest room, undisturbed, for an entire night!  He stayed upstairs with the monitor in our bedroom and did the “visits” to Michael’s nursery.  It was such a treat to be able to catch up on some much-needed sleep!  Since that second night, we have not had to make any more “visits” to the nursery.

The last thing I have to say about implementing the Ferber Method is that it has made little Michael a better sleeper in general.  He is now taking longer naps and wakes up in a happier, more well-rested mood.  It truly does feel like little Michael has been “trained” in the study of sleep!


Growth:  We have more teeth!  Little Michael now has 6 teeth.  He got his two bottom teeth in July, then the two top teeth came in, and now he has an additional tooth on either side of the top ones.

IMG_5047 (2).jpg



Michael has a very good appetite.  He gets excited (and impatient) when it’s time for a meal.  So far, he eats whatever we give him.  Some typical “real food” items on the menu include: cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, smoked turkey, pork tenderloin, scrambled eggs, strawberries, squash, and broccoli.  He seems to really like meat.  We gave him spaghetti and meatballs a few nights ago, and he loved it, pasta sauce and all!


He loves ice water in his sippy cup.  He also eats baby food: oatmeal and rice cereal, fruit and vegetable purees, and the “Little Bits” dinners from Gerber.


Activities:  Michael went on his first swing ride a few weeks ago.  He loved it!  Michael and I took him to Twin Oaks Park near our house.


And here he is relaxing on his second swing ride:


Little Michael’s at-home activities are starting to get more interesting thanks to my sister, Christina.  She shared with me some awesome ideas from her childcare job at Texas State.  They’re all pretty simple to put together.  One of the activities involves sorting wooden sticks into bottles.  He loves putting the tongue depressors into the see-through cup.

IMG_4999 (2)

He’s proud to show me that he can do it sitting down or standing up.



Then it’s time to take them out and start all over again!


Craft sticks aren’t the only thing he likes to put into containers.  He spends lots of time putting his toys in bins and dumping them back out.  I designated a drawer in the kitchen and one of his toy bins for some old food containers.  He has a blast taking the lids off, putting them back on, and putting objects inside the containers.

Michael continues to love playing with balloons.


Since we’ve had some fall-like weather recently, spending time outdoors with little Michael has been very pleasant.  We took him to a pumpkin patch at a nursery near our house.



Little Michael was inspecting all the different types of pumpkins.

IMG_4814 (2).jpg

He was also curious about the texture of his own little pumpkin.

IMG_4685 (2)

Michael met some cool raptors at the World Bird Sanctuary.  In the picture below, he’s in front of Dorothy, an impressive Andean Condor.


And here he is visiting a bald eagle:


Another activity he’s still pretty enthusiastic about is shopping.


I took him to IKEA a few weeks ago, and he found plenty of things to keep him entertained.



Shopping with Dad is always an adventure.  They went to Menards, which is a box store like Home Depot or Lowe’s, and he was mesmerized by the fan and lighting section.



Back at home, he had a great time playing with the BBQ set from his dad.


Both Michaels were all smiles on big Michael’s birthday.  It’s hard to believe, but next month’s post will be for our little one’s first birthday!

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4 thoughts on “11 Months

  1. Awe:) Baby Michael is such a cutie! I can see both Michael and Heidi in Little Michael! Thank you for sharing Heidi:)


  2. I enjoy your running news of this wonderful baby! I don’t know who is the most blessed, that sweet baby to have such wonderful parents or the parents by having a baby to cherish and learn the world thru his beautiful eyes and mind!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! THANK YOU TOO!!


  3. I totally agree with Michelle-there is a little of both of you in him. He is soooo toot! Eventually he will be able to put the Popsicle sticks in with the lid on-if the lid has an opening big enough. It is so fun when they can start doing things!


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