Summer Fun During Little Michael’s 8th Month

IMG_3722 (2).jpg

Little Michael has gone through so many changes in the weeks surrounding the 8-month mark.  From how he gets around, to the many ways he interacts with us, this month of growth has been the most eventful so far!

Moving:  We have a crawler!  On June 22, about a week into his 8th month, Michael began to crawl.


His newfound mobility ushered in a wave of baby-proofing in our house.  Michael installed a baby gate at the top of the stairs, covers went on all of our outlets, cords had to be hidden, cabinets guarded, dog kennels (and doggies) kept under close surveillance, window treatments raised up and out of reach, and the loading and unloading of the dishwasher now has to be done when little Michael is preoccupied with something in a different room.  He loves pulling the curtains on his nursery window into his crib when he wakes up from a nap.  He is particularly fascinated with all things electronic.  Our cable box, Roku, surge protectors, cell phones, and laptops are like magnets to him, especially when they have twinkling lights that act as beacons.

Talking:  Michael is currently making the “ba” sound like in the word “bath,” and less frequently, he makes the “ma” sound.  He giggles and squeals whenever Duchess is near him.

Hands:  Our little one is exploring everything with his hands.


Anything that is on a shelf and within his reach must come down.



He still puts everything in his mouth.  He loves to clap and raise his arms up in the air when I say to him, “how big is little Michael? little Michael is sooo big!”

IMG_3434 (2)

He has also learned how to interlock his fingers and fold his hands together.  At the dinner table, he likes to sit with his hands together, kind of like how you would imagine a man sitting at a conference table in a business meeting.  It is so cute!

Sleep:  Even though he travels around town in a big boy car seat, he still falls asleep when we are out and about.


When he was getting his first teeth, we had a series of nights during which he did not sleep very well.  Now that the teeth have come in, he seems to be going back to sleeping through the night.  Michael and I have been working on getting him to bed earlier, and little Michael is adjusting well to his earlier bed time.  Michael lowered his crib to the base since our little one was having too much fun sitting up and hanging over the edge when the mattress was at the infant height.   He still takes a daily morning nap, but rarely an afternoon nap.

Growth:  Little Michael’s Tante Christina spotted his very first tooth while we were at her house on the 4th of July!  A couple of days later, we felt his second tooth sprouting up right beside the first.  He is wearing 18 to 24-month clothes, and his baptism day outfit was a 2T!

Eating:  Michael has started drinking ice water with his meals.  He definitely prefers chilled water to water at room temperature.  At first, most of his sips ended up dribbling down his chin, but he is slowly getting the hang of using a sippy cup.


He eats oatmeal or rice cereal, meat, veggies, and fruit for breakfast and dinner and still nurses.

Activities:  Little Michael experienced the splish splash of a swimming pool for the first time.


He was pretty apprehensive at first, but eventually relaxed in his daddy’s arms.

IMG_3360 (2)

Without the infant car seat, grocery shopping is a whole new experience.  Michael enjoys the new vantage point he gets sitting up in the shopping cart.  He is easily entertained with the variety of products found in our local Wal-Mart!  He also likes to stick his arm out and swipe products off of the shelves as we roll by.


We celebrated little Michael’s first Fourth of July with my sister and her family.

IMG_3494 (2)

IMG_3522 (2)

Michael enjoyed visiting with all of his cousins while we were in Texas.


Even in the Texas heat, cousin William was more than happy to walk around outside with our little one.


Michael was full of smiles when he got to swing with Katie, Emma, and Abigail.  This was his very first time on a swing, and he loved it!

IMG_3548 (2)

Sarah and Mary were very helpful and watched Michael when I was getting ready for his baptism day.

IMG_3628 (2).jpg

Little Michael still sits nicely in the stroller and looks around or sleeps when we walk together at the park.


In conclusion, the biggest accomplishment for Michael in his 8th month was learning to crawl.  Getting around on his own has given him all sorts of new things to explore and experience.  He is an adventurous little fellow.

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