Little Michael is 5 Months Old

Little Michael turned five months old last Friday.  Here he is relaxing in his “coral cove.”

IMG_1553 (2).jpg

We are having a blast watching him grow and feel like we get to interact with him more and more each day.


He has been lifting his head up when he’s on his back, especially on the changing table and in the car seat.  I love seeing him lift his head to look out the window in the car or around the house to see what’s going on.

He can turn himself around when he’s laying on his tummy, especially when he is lured around in a circle by different toys I place out for him.


In the picture below, he started out on his back and rolled himself over and towards the baby on the cover of the book.


He is starting to try and propel himself toward objects.



Little Michael has started to laugh out loud when Daddy makes funny faces and noises or when he is tickled under his chin.

IMG_1278 (2).jpg


He has a delightful repertoire of both high-pitched and deep cooing noises, screeches, giggles, whines, and whimpers.


Our little one has really started to notice how different objects have different textures.  He loves the way soft things feel on his skin.


He also enjoys scratching things like the fibers on our carpet, upholstery on our chairs, and denim on Daddy’s jeans.

Everything goes into Little Michael’s mouth. If he can hold it and bring it to his mouth, in it goes!  Palm Sunday palm included!



When he gets tired of tummy time, he likes to sit in my lap and hold things.



After four months, we figured it was time to move the crib out of our bedroom and into the nursery.  Rocky Coonhead was not left behind.


Michael started sleeping in the nursery the week after we returned from Hawaii.  Right after we made this change, during the last week of March, he had a series of nights during which he woke up sometime between 2 and 4 in the morning.  I would nurse him for about 20 minutes, and then he went back to sleep in his crib.  We were worried he was having some sort of sleep regression, but luckily it only lasted for about a week.  After that, he continued to sleep through the night, and he actually started being ready to go to sleep a little bit earlier at night.  He has also been sleeping slightly later in the mornings.

He turns on his side almost as soon as I put him down and is either on his back or his tummy in the morning when he wakes up.  More often than not, he’s on his tummy.

He is used to napping in his swing, and I have only been able to put him down for a successful nap in the crib once.  I managed to snap a picture of this one and only daytime nap in the crib.  He certainly knows how to relax!



Little Michael seems to be getting longer each day.  I came home with some cute 9-month sleep n’ plays from Target.  They looked so long in the store, and I figured they would last for at least a month.  Wrong!  After a week, the legs and buttons on the front were already getting stretched.  I even air dried the outfits to prevent shrinking, but it was no use.  Our little one has outgrown his new clothes.  Since the weather is getting warmer here, he’s been able to wear onesies, and they seem to accommodate his growth much better than the sleep n’ plays.

The white outfit he is wearing is a 12-month onesie!  I think he’s showing off his long legs in this picture.


He is also getting too big for his swing.  I found him like this during one of his morning naps:

IMG_1145 (2).jpg

His legs and feet almost always end up dangling over the side.  This was one of the last times he wore a cozy sleep sack.  He’s just too big for them now.  I will miss putting him in a sleep sack.  He was such a cuddle bug when he had one on, and they were so convenient for diaper changes.

During the fifth month, his hair started to grow back.  Looking back at the 3 and 4 month pictures is fun because I can see just how much hair he lost within those 8 weeks.  At the beginning of the third month, he still had a pretty nice head of hair.  By the fourth month, a lot had fallen out.  I’m glad it is slowly but surely starting to come back.



He had his first taste of cereal on March 29.  I gave him oatmeal, and it was definitely a foreign taste and texture for the little guy.  He did manage to eat a tiny bit of it, though!

At first, he was puzzled,


and then kind of happy about it-


Puzzled again:

“Okay, now I don’t like it.”


“I really don’t like it!”


“Enough is enough; I’m going to sleep.”


And that is exactly what he did during his first cereal meal.  He just fell asleep in the middle of it!  Fortunately, our subsequent feeding attempts got better and better.


We introduced rice cereal, but I think he prefers the oatmeal.  After about 2 weeks of cereal, Michael boiled and pureed a fresh carrot for him, and he loved it!




He is currently eating about three tablespoons of cereal, usually the oatmeal kind, and some pureed banana or carrot, once a day.  He is still nursing and will take a bottle if we are out and about.


Little Michael loves to go on excursions in the car.  Last week, we went to the store to get bird feeders and bird seed to celebrate spring time.  You can see him peering out of the cart in the picture below.


Now that the weather is getting warmer, we have been spending lots of time on the paved trails at a nearby park.  Little Michael loves to go out in the stroller, and he usually naps for at least half of the walk.


I love our new jogging stroller from my mom.  It’s a Schwinn that I found at Wal-Mart. The stroller is very smooth and easy to collapse for stowing in the car.  I’ve even started taking Kaiser with us so he gets some exercise too.  I’ve been trying to walk 4 miles/1 hour every day that the weather cooperates.  We are are all enjoying spending time outdoors and alongside the river.


In addition to going shopping and walking, looking at board books and having tummy time keep Michael busy during the day.







He also also enjoys sitting in his walker, looking out the window, and hanging out with Kaiser.



What a great fifth month!  It’s hard to believe that next month he will be half a year old already.  Around this time last year, Michael and I had just shared with our families the news that we were expecting.  Now we have this adorable baby boy who makes us smile and laugh every day.


2 thoughts on “Little Michael is 5 Months Old

  1. These pictures are adorable- I love them all! He is so expressive, and his little head tilt while he is looking at his toys and books is so cute! Can’t wait to see him in person very soon!!


  2. I love how he and Kaiser were looking out the window. I imagine he will be “barking” along with K soon! We never tire of seeing his pictures-such a cutie!!!! Makes us all smile!


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