Little Michael at 4 Months

IMG_0768 (2)

Little Michael hit the 4-month mark on March 14, while we were in Hawaii.  I am writing this post pretty late in the game; his 5 month post will be due in less than two weeks! Michael and I had a blast watching all kinds of new moves from our bambino.  The fourth month was filled with many different firsts.

He started to notice and pay attention to the baby smiling back at him in the mirror.


He also spent time gazing at photographs of himself and his family.



But sometimes he was more interested in the camera on the phone I was using to take his picture!



Our curious little monkey started grasping for (or at least attempting to grasp) objects and put them in his mouth.

He is still our smiling baby!




He began rolling from his back to his stomach.  At first, he was not able to completely roll over.  His arm would get stuck underneath, resulting in a lot of frustration.


He also enjoyed being on his side in a comfortable position with something friendly to stare at.
He is still enthralled with helium balloons.  We brought this smiley face balloon with us when we stayed in a hotel before our flight to Hawaii.
But sometimes, Daddy’s beard is a lot more interesting than a balloon!
During his fourth month, he began to hold himself up on his elbows for short periods of time.
 He loved staring at his Valentine’s monkey from Tante Oma.
Little Michael continues to sleep through most nights.  He occasionally wakes up for a feeding in the middle of the night and then goes right back to sleep.  He usually takes a nap in the morning after he eats and another one in the late afternoon.  If it’s grocery day and we are out shopping, he will often fall asleep in the car or while we’re in the store.  Car rides almost always become nap time for him, and he enjoys riding around with us.
But snuggling with Daddy for a nap is the best!
 With trips to Texas and Hawaii plus lots of firsts at home, little Michael’s fourth month was quite an adventure!  We are looking forward to month five.

3 thoughts on “Little Michael at 4 Months

  1. He is sooooo smiley. You can’t help but smiley back! That is so neat how he like to be on his side-I love the picture of him looking at his hands while on his side!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The girls love the pictures of him looking at himself in the mirrors. Emma said, “He is thinking two “me”s two “me”s.” (not sure what the plural of “me” is!)


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