Little Michael at 3+ Months

IMG_9926 (3).jpg

Michael hit the 3-month mark on Valentine’s Day!  He has started doing so many new things since our 2-month post, and I have lots to write about!  He is currently weighing in at a little over 15 pounds and measures about 26 inches long.  The biggest change leading up to the third month has been his adorable and contagious smile.  We have a very happy baby on our hands, and it doesn’t take much to get a smile from him!  Sometimes he gives us a big, happy smile with his eyes open.

And other times, we get these adorable smiles with his eyes squinting shut.




He still naps well in his swing during the day, and he loves to wake up and greet the elephant friends dangling above his head.


The similarities between Michael and his dad are becoming more obvious everyday!  Every time someone sees little Michael or a picture of him, the comment is always about how much he takes after his father.  In the picture below, Michael wanted to do the same open-mouth pose as little Michael.


When little Michael sat in his ocean walk-around chair for the first time, he seemed so proud to be in it all on his own.  He loves peering down at the face in the mirror and has started sticking his tongue out at you if your prompt him by sticking out yours.

In February, I found an amazing activity idea for little Michael on Pinterest.  He is always kicking his legs, so I knew this would be the perfect exercise for him.  I bought a helium Valentine’s balloon and tied it to one of his ankles.  From day one, it has kept him mesmerized.  On the ride home from the store, he stared at it with a look of wonder in his eyes.  When we got home, he just sat in his car seat staring and smiling at it.



The balloon gave me plenty of time to unload the groceries!   I tried the kicking activity with him later that day and couldn’t believe how much he loved it.  When he kicks his legs, the balloon dances and sways above him.  Little Michael spends lots of time smiling at, talking to, and making all sorts of cooing noises at the moving balloon.


He will kick his legs and watch the balloon move for up to 30 minutes at time!  When we were in Texas, my dad bought him another heart balloon and everyone loved watching him play with it.


I’m so glad I found such a neat activity for my kicking baby.  You can read the blog post where I got the idea from here.  Speaking of activities, little Michael still loves his black dots.


He has started moving himself toward them by scooting and pushing off with his back legs.  In these pictures, he started with his head resting on the white diaper cloth and gradually moved closer and closer to his dots.


He has also started to hold his head up for short periods during tummy time.  He definitely doesn’t love tummy time, but he’s able to enjoy it for little sessions of 5-10 minutes a few times a day.

We love our smiling baby boy and can’t wait to see what he does during the rest of his fourth month!


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