The Fisher Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper

Little Michael had his 2 month appointment last week.  He weighed in at 13.5 pounds and measured 24.25 inches long.  No wonder he’s already fitting (nice and snug) into 6-month clothes!  I was happy Michael was able to go to the appointment with us since our little one had to get his vaccinations.  He cried after each prick, but he calmed down after a little bit of holding.  He was kind of fussy for the remainder of the day and just wanted to be held and snuggled, which I was more than happy to do.  During the appointment, his doctor asked about how and where he was sleeping.  When we told her he was still in the rock n’ play, she told us that little Michael was getting too big for his cuddly sleeper.  She explained that because he was able to turn his head from side to side, it was safer to have him in the crib.  She was very adamant about putting him in the crib to sleep from now on.   That news almost made me cry because I had really grown to love his sleeper.  I like our pediatrician a lot, and we followed her advice, but it was hard since the Fisher Price sleeper had been so good to both little Michael and his parents!  Michael calls it his hammock because he just sort of hangs in it when we put him down to sleep.

Here he is, sleeping soundly at just two weeks old:


and peacefully sleeping in it on December 5:


This sleeper was like a miracle to us.  Our little one made it very clear during his first week at home that he liked to be snuggled when he slept.  He had no desire to sleep in his crib.  He was not a huge fan of swaddling either.  We tried several different types of sleep sacks and swaddles, but he always woke up as soon as we placed him in the crib.  Sleeping in his swing for naps was no problem, and we soon realized he needed to feel surrounded and slightly elevated, like he was in his mommy’s arms, to fall and stay asleep.  His swing has a soft cushion that surrounds him and makes him feel secure.


Thankfully, my parents drove all the way up here from Texas when little Michael was born, and my mom was here able to help us figure out the sleeping situation.  I’m so fortunate they were both with us to help us through the first couple of weeks.  We went to Buy Buy Baby looking for a bassinet or some other sort of sleeping set up that would feel similar to the swing.  We were both amazed at all the different rock and plays, sleepers, and miscellaneous items to help babies fall asleep.  Since we’re not supposed to put babies to sleep on their backs anymore, there is a huge market for these items.  And now I know why; the sleep struggle is real.

This is the Fisher Price Rock n’ Play sleeper my mom bought for us.

It’s officially called the “Fisher Price Deluxe Newborn Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper in Soothing River,” and it made little Michael’s sleeping problems go away.  Seriously, he slept in it the first night we had it, and he eventually started sleeping through most nights in it.  We also took the sleeper with us on our Christmas vacation to Texas, and he slept very well at his Oma’s house, Nana’s house, and during his first hotel stay.  It’s super convenient to transport because it folds up with the push of a button.

I didn’t take a picture of him in the sleeper, but here he is relaxing in the hotel room on our way back to Missouri.  Thanks to the sleeper, his first hotel stay was a success.


He also took a lot of cozy naps in it downstairs at his Oma’s house.  We just folded up the crib and brought it downstairs for nap time.

Here he is resting in front of the Christmas tree:


We still get to use the sleeper for naps or if little Michael wants to just relax in it and rock back and forth.  The box says it can be used until he weighs over 25 pounds (another reason why I was a little bit surprised that the doctor told us he shouldn’t sleep in it anymore).  This particular sleeper comes with a plug adapter.  You can set it to automatically rock or vibrate, and it also plays a variety of sounds.  Our little one can listen to jungle and water sounds, lullabies, white noise, or just rock in silence.  At night, he actually preferred to just sleep in it without any rocking, vibrating, or noise.  It can also be connected via WiFi to your phone.  Michael installed the app and was able to control the functions on his phone from our living room while little Michael peacefully slumbered in our bedroom.  We only did this once though, since he liked his sleeper to be still and quiet.  But I can see how these options and the ability to control it from your phone would be great if baby needed motion or noise to fall asleep and, more importantly, stay asleep.  We may end up using these features more now that the sleeper will be an activity station instead of where he sleeps at night.

We braced ourselves for a difficult transition from the cozy sleeper to the crib, where according to all the baby books and doctors, he’s supposed to sleep without any blankets or toys.  Fortunately, the transition went extremely smoothly.  The only difference has been that he wakes up shortly after we put him down in the crib.  After I scoop him up and walk around a bit singing or humming, he falls back to sleep.  For the first week in the crib, he has been sleeping for about 6-7 hours straight.  On one night, he woke up for a night feeding, but went right back to sleep afterwards.  When he wakes up in the morning, I nurse him, and he will often go back to sleep in the crib for an hour or two.  He is handling his new sleeping quarters like a champ!


I think he looks so cute when he puts his arms up.


Sometimes they’re just straight down, like he used to do in the sleeper.


Or a combination of the two:


I’m happy he has taken so well to sleeping in the crib, but I miss having him in the sleeper.  I loved waking up and peering down at him right by the side of my bed.  He always looked so snuggly and peaceful.


3 thoughts on “The Fisher Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper

  1. Michael looks so cute sleeping in his sleep sack:) Do you have a monitor showing the crib that you can look at in the middle of the night? Not quite as good as seeing him by the side of your bed, but almost:) Great blog Heidi!


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