Little Michael is 2 Months Old

Yesterday, little Michael turned 2 months old!  I want to write monthly post updates for him, but I missed the 1 month post due to Christmas, a trip to Texas, New Years, and, well, having an infant to care for.  Therefore,  today’s post will be a 1- and 2-month combo!

A lot happened with our little one during his first month.  Every time I get him dressed, I feel like he has grown longer.


During his first month, we started noticing how much he enjoys staring up at the lights in our house, particularly the floor lamp in our living room.


He also started making the most adorable little smiles.  His arms and legs seem to be in constant motion.  Sometimes it’s hard to snap a picture because of all the moving this little guy does.  He started doing tummy time, and would initially stay on his tummy for about 5-7 minutes before requesting a change of position.


These pictures were taken right after a sponge bath, and that is why he looks so happy.  He absolutely loves getting a bath.  For the first month, I bathed him on his changing table with warm water and a washcloth.  The bath always seemed to relax him and put him in a happy mood.  I loved scooping him up and snuggling him in a towel afterwards.


He took most of his afternoon naps in his swing in our living room, staying warm and cozy under the blanket from his Nana.


On December 10, his umbilical cord fell off while I was changing him.  I teared up when it happened because, without it, he no longer seemed like such a “newborn.”

Fortunately, he still looked like a cuddly newborn!


Here he is yesterday, at 2 months old.  He never gets tired of staring and smiling at our ceiling fans!


Our moon baby in his celestial outfit (the size is 6 months, but it fits him now!)

IMG_9399 (3).jpg


During month 2, he began to make all sorts of vocalizations.  He seems to really like laying on his changing table, and this is frequently where he becomes the most talkative and interactive.  After he’s changed, I often leave him on it for a bit and stand by him to talk to him.  Sometimes he makes sporadic little screeching noises that I love to hear.



He had his first tub bath over the sink a few weeks ago.


He seems to enjoy this even more than the sponge baths.  We’ve started bathing him in the evenings, and I think it soothes him before bed.  I still love to cuddle him after bath time.  Michael likes to heat his towel up with the space heater before we dry him off.


Little Michael also enjoys laying on a blanket and gazing at colors and objects.



Kaiser frequently joins us during this time, mainly because I have the little space heater nearby to keep us warm.  He loves the heat it makes.


Sometimes he’s happy just relaxing in his crib, gazing up at his ocean mobile.


or Rocky Coonhead……


If I place an object in his hand, he will sometimes grasp it for a short while.


Little Michael has started holding up his head for brief periods during tummy time or when his daddy holds him.


The picture below makes me laugh because I took it around 11:30 p.m.  He had been awake almost all day, and we were amazed at how wide awake he still was.


Finally, I’m happy to report that he has been sleeping very well.  Beginning in the second month, he started having nights during which he slept from about 10:30-11ish until 6 or 7 in the morning.  He does still have nights where he wakes up to nurse, usually around 4 in the morning.  I’ve been very lucky to get so much sleep!

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