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Michael’s First St. Nicholas Day


Tuesday, December 6, 2016, was little Michael’s first St. Nicholas Day.  When my parents came to help out with our little one, my mom brought him his very own stocking that she creatively and lovingly made for him.  It is decorated with felt, just like all of our family stockings.  Little Michael’s stocking  has a cheerful and happy marine theme with adorable ocean friends.


I love how the stocking goes with his nautical and seaside inspired nursery.  She decorated each of the ocean animals with special touches.  The jelly fish has shiny red tentacles made of ribbon.  The seal has whiskers and a holly wreath around its neck!  All of the animals have happy faces.  My mom filled little Michael’s stocking with a fun assortment of ornaments and toys.  The ornaments she picked out are perfect for commemorating his first Christmas.  She found a darling pair of little blue shoes, a wooden train from Germany, and a smiling blue whale.


His stocking also had a set of rubber baby forest animals in it.  I think it is the cutest St. Nicholas Day stocking ever!

Little Michael looks a little bit leery of the baby squirrel perched on his shoulder.


Michael and I have a tradition of exchanging ornaments on St. Nicholas Day.  I was really touched by the ornaments he had waiting on the tree when I woke up this year.  He gave me an adorable mommy and baby penguin ornament.  He also wanted to give little Michael an ornament.


I love the picture ornament he made for our little one.  It’s a very special ornament for Michael to have from his dad.  Our St. Nicholas Day was filled with lots of love and fun!

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