38 Weeks

How Big is Baby McLees?  With just 2 weeks to go, little Michael is comparable in size to the following: a tackle box, a ukelele, a Pomeranian, and a striped skunk.  He measures 20+ inches in length and weighs 7+ pounds.  He may have an inch or so of hair already, but the actual amount and color will not be revealed until we meet him!


Movement:  Apparently, little Michael has not been worn out by all the unpacking and setting up of our rental house that I’ve been doing.  He is still just as active as ever.  I take lots of breaks on the recliner when I’m working on our house, and he always starts moving around and kicking when I sit still and relax.

Milestone:  Our little one allowed us to make it to our new home in St. Louis, Missouri, and get everything unpacked.  Michael and I are grateful he is holding off on making his big debut until closer to, or even after, the due date.

Below is a picture of the house we are renting in St. Louis.  It’s a split level home located on a cute cul-de-sac with very friendly neighbors and plenty of trees.  I also spotted an adorable chipmunk in our neighbor’s backyard!

IMG_7534 (2).jpg

Pregnancy Symptoms:  With the stress and busy days that accompany any move, I expected to feel really drained and tired.  Surprisingly, I’ve been feeling great.  I let myself set the house up at a slow pace with lots of time for rest, and Michael did all of the heavy lifting.  Now that the move is complete, the task does not seem as daunting as it did when we first learned we were moving.  I bought a second wrist splint for my right hand before we made the drive from Cincinnati to St. Louis.  The carpal tunnel is still flaring up in both hands at night, throughout most mornings, and during any period of time when I’m sitting still.  My new doctor in St. Louis said it may take a couple weeks for it to go away after delivery.  I’m hoping my doctor in Cincinnati was right when she told me it usually goes away immediately after delivery.  Other than the carpal tunnel and some minor heartburn, I’m grateful that the pregnancy is wrapping up in a very pleasant manner for me.

Nighttime:  I’ve been getting up to go to the bathroom anywhere from 3-5 times a night.  Our house is really dark, so we bought some night lights that come in very handy during my frequent restroom trips and when Michael gets up early in the morning for work.

Food I’m Avoiding:  I have no food aversions to report.

Food I’m Enjoying:  Lately, I’ve been savoring hearty servings of meats and protein including gyros, fish tacos, shrimp in red curry, and turkey.

Best Moment this Week:   Michael’s boss in St. Louis threw us an amazing welcome party/couples shower last weekend.  We received a very warm welcome.  She invited a bunch of people so we could meet other couples and make some friends in our new city.  We were very touched that everyone was there to meet us and celebrate the imminent arrival of our little one.


Michael:  Michael has been very, very busy!  He has been simultaneously getting acclimated to his new job, unpacking boxes, taking care of minor plumbing, lighting, and general “just moved into a rental house” projects, reassembling ALL the nursery furniture and gear, installing the car seat, and working on one final nursery project.  Michael painted the dresser we’re using in the nursery and picked out new knobs for it.  I love the shade of blue he selected; it’s called “Porch Ceiling.”  The color and hardware look fantastic in the nautical nursery.

Here’s a picture of the dresser before the update:

IMG_7458 (2).jpg

Michael enjoyed working on the dresser because it was the first project in which he got to use his new paint gun and air compressor.  We were both impressed with how efficiently and evenly the paint gun coated the dresser.  Here is the finished product:

IMG_7522 (2).JPG

What I’m Looking Forward To:  With the house basically ready, including little Michael’s nursery, Michael and I are both anxiously awaiting his arrival.  We can’t wait to meet our son in just a matter of weeks!

9 thoughts on “38 Weeks

  1. You guys look so happy and excited in these pictures!!! We are all getting excited about the upcoming arrival of the new little one as well! Once again, I am blown away by Michael’s furniture redo! I love it, and never would have recognized the “new” dresser- it’s gorgeous! We love all three of you!!!

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  2. The finished dresser looks great and ready for use. You both look great too, not at all like you just made a big move. Hope you continue to feel ok and stay healthy. We are getting ready so that we can leave as soon as we get your call. Hopefully it will be two weeks yet, but if not, that’s great too! Liebe aus New Braunfels! Mary Ella went to student Wurstfest today-I’ll hear from her on Friday.

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  3. I can’t believe you’re so close!!! You still look amazing, and I can’t wait to see you guys at Christmas, and who knows? Maybe a trip for us up there next fall! Love you all!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you! We are super excited about coming to Texas for Christmas. We would love to have you guys come visit, whenever you’d like! Lots of love from St. Louis 🙂


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