9 Months/36 Weeks

How Big is Baby McLees?  At 9 months, our little one is comparable in size to the following: a Cabbage Patch doll, 2 very large plates of beignets, and, the comparison I’ve been waiting for, a chihuahua!  Little Michael probably weighs about 6 pounds and measures close to 20 inches long.  If he weighs close to 6 pounds, he has surpassed our own petite chihuahua by 2-3 pounds!

IMG_7148 (2).png

Movement:  He continues to move around quite a bit and seems to have a lot of energy.  I love sitting back and feeling him stretch his legs.  I’m impressed by how strong some of his kicks feel.  I feel him get the hiccups almost every day, sometimes more than once.  Michael can feel the hiccups too.

Milestone:  Today is exactly 1 month before little Michael’s due date!  I cannot believe how close we are to meeting him.  We have a lot of fun discussing what he may look like when he arrives.


Pregnancy Symptoms:  I’ve been feeling very well.  The main symptom I have is the carpal tunnel, and it has been flaring up quite a bit.  If my hands are in a stationary position for any sustained period of time, they fall asleep, get tingly, and eventually hurt.  Holding the phone up to my ear while talking makes my hand fall asleep within a matter of minutes.  Even holding a bowl of ice cream gets uncomfortable (and I’ve been eating ice cream on a very regular basis)!

Maternity Clothes:  I haven’t purchased any more maternity clothes, and I already packed away my summer maternity dresses and outfits.  It felt funny packing them away and made me realize how fast this pregnancy has gone.  I did buy some long, soft cardigans from Old Navy and a couple pairs of tall lounge pants that I found on Amazon.


Nighttime:   A few nights this week found me tossing and turning, trying to get in a comfortable sleep position that would keep my hands from falling asleep.  I usually have to be on my right side with both hands basically dangling off the bed, sticking straight out.  But staying in that position all night is tedious.  Luckily, the wrist splint is still doing its job for the most part, and I usually sleep fairly well.  I’ve been getting up to go to the bathroom about 3 or more times a night, but I’m able to fall back to sleep after each wake up.

Food I’m Avoiding:  I do not have any food aversions to report.

Food I’m Enjoying:  Michael brought home some extra spicy Thai food the other night, and I really enjoyed my red curry with shrimp, bamboo, peppers, and rice.  We’ve also been enjoying a delicious variety of smoked meats and cheese from the New Braunfels Smokehouse in Texas.

Best Moment this Week:  Since I own a strikingly handsome and noble-looking Dobie, I really wanted to take a few maternity pictures with him.  I had grand visions of Kaiser working with me to produce a photograph similar to the dog ones on the photography blog found here.  If you scroll down on the post, she has some beautiful silhouette photographs with the dog.  My attempt to create a maternity photograph with Kaiser left me with a great appreciation for photographers who work with pets and their people!  Michael agreed to help me get some pictures with Kaiser.  He’s very rambunctious, and as soon as he figured out we were trying to get him to do something, he refused to cooperate.  We resorted to luring him into poses with grapes.

Here’s one of our first attempts.  He was so excited to get a treat that he couldn’t sit still long enough for Michael to snap a picture.


This was our best shot:


For this one, he managed to stare up at the grape long enough for Michael to capture the picture.  I’m really happy to have a picture of the baby bump with Kaiser in it, and I think it turned out well.

Dutchess also enjoys snuggling up to little Michael.


Michael:   Little Michael will be born during an election year, and Michael and I went to early voting this week to cast our ballots.  The polling place even had a selfie station.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  You may have noticed a picture propped up against the wall next to our fireplace in one of the Kaiser photos.  All the decor has been taken down from our walls.  As a matter of fact, right now the entire contents of our house are in boxes and loaded up into pods again.  That is because we are moving from Ohio to St. Louis, Missouri on Tuesday (hence the early voting in Ohio)!  Michael was offered a wonderful opportunity at his work, and he has to begin his new position as soon as possible.  Packing up an entire house and preparing to move to another state while being 9 months pregnant has actually been a much smoother process than I anticipated.  Look for more about our big move on a future post.

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