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Nautical Toy Chest and Hanging Wooden Fish

When I was little, I had a wooden toy chest in my room.  I brought it back to Ohio after my Texas trip this summer.  It needed some minor repairs, a little TLC, and a fresh paint job.  Michael repaired the wood and made the chest solid again.  He primed it and made it ready for me to paint.


IMG_7079 (2).jpg


Michael made the toy chest restoration project very easy.  I didn’t even have to choose the paint color or hardware.  He knew I wanted something nautical for little Michael’s nursery, and for the paint, he picked out Behr’s Semi Gloss Enamel in English Channel blue.

IMG_7081 (2).jpg

Michael is quite skilled in the area of paint color choice!  The English Channel blue has a slight grayish hue to it, and it looks very nautical.  The black hinges he picked out are the perfect hardware for the paint color.  With the repairs complete, the wood primed, and the paint ready, all I had to do was grab a brush and paint the chest.

Here is the finished product:

IMG_7277 (2).jpg

We both enjoyed making the toy chest new again for little Michael.  I can’t wait to see how it looks in the nursery!

IMG_7286 (2).jpg

Since I had the paint and supplies out, I was motivated to complete one more project for the nursery.  A long time ago, my brother-in-law gave me some antique picket fence posts because they look just like fish.  He knew I loved filling my home with beach cottage decor.


They are the perfect addition to hang in the nautical and seaside-inspired nursery.  To ready these fish for hanging, I commandeered Michael’s drill and put holes in their mouths.


Next, I painted some of the fish with the left over English Channel blue from the toy chest, and some of them with an antique white.

After all the fish were dry, Michael took over the project and threaded natural burlap jute rope twine through their mouths.  I hadn’t made the holes very big, so it was quite an effort to get the twine through.  I was very happy he helped with this part of the project, especially since my fingers are almost always numb and tingly these days.  For the final step of the project, he strung all the fish together and made a loop to hang them by.


I can’t wait to hang these scaly wooden friends in little Michael’s nursery.  They will be a great accompaniment to the nautical toy chest.

IMG_7301 (2).jpg

5 thoughts on “Nautical Toy Chest and Hanging Wooden Fish

  1. Wow! What a great job; the chest never looked so good!and the fish are terrific with the chest! Very good job-both of you. I really like the black hinges. We went to Michael’s game tonight and the weather was very footbally. He is on the A-Team now and doesn’t get to play quite as much. He looks really good out there. He’s had a great first year of football and also did very well on his first report card ever! Mary has done a good job of home schooling, because he has no trouble keeping up with the others. In fact he’s better than most. That’s why the A-Team position. Lots failed and one had an injury-Mary said a concussion. I thought those only happened to quarterbacks and offensive players. Well, I guess you are almost all packed, except for the things you still need till you leave on the 25th. Mary showed me pictures of young Nuckels boys on airplanes when they were 3 months old. Boy-they were cute babies. Each one was very different. Now we need to wait and see what little Michael looks like. Yippee!!! Mach’s gut and don’t work too hard with the packing. Viel Liebe!


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