Nautical and Seaside-Inspired Nursery

IMG_7228 (2).jpg

I’m over the moon excited to share with you some pictures of little Michael’s nursery!  All the nautical and seaside-inspired pieces are finally in place.

The seahorse banner made by my sister-in-law provides the perfect center piece above the window.  I can’t wait to bundle our little one up in the soft and cozy baby blanket my mother knit for him.

IMG_7127 (2).jpg

I had so much fun putting all of Michael’s adorable outfits on little light blue hangers.  One of my sisters suggested using hanging shoe organizers for storage in the closet.  I cleaned up an old khaki and navy blue one we had, and found it to be the perfect place to store things like swaddle blankets, tiny shoes, and burp cloths.

IMG_7190 (2).jpg


Michael moved a dresser we had in the exercise room into the other side of the nursery closet, and it will be another storage option for things like extra diapers, wipes, blankets, and such.  This morning, it was 41 degrees outside, our coolest morning so far this fall.  During the colder winter months yet to come, I know little Michael will be kept cozy and warm in his soft knit sweater, booties, and hat made by my nieces.

IMG_7196 (2).jpg

Here’s his IKEA crib and changing table.  I love the nautical whale prints on the fitted sheet and changing pad cover from my mother-in-law.

IMG_7173 (2).jpg

My sister-in-law made this “Michael” banner, and we had it hanging up at the baby shower.  It looks so sweet above his crib!  Michael attached the smiling felt sea life mobile that my sister made to the side of the crib.  We found a mobile hanger and music box on Amazon, and we have fun turning on the music and watching the happy marine animals circle above the crib.  The blue octopus smiling up at you is also from my mother-in-law.  He has the sweetest smile!



IMG_7151 (3).jpg

Below is a picture of the centerpiece of the nursery, the IKEA Kallax shelving unit.  As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, my inspiration for this piece came from a post on a house blog here.  However, instead of using a map and globe to decorate the top shelf, I finally found the perfect place to hang our ship signal flag.  We found this flag at Nautical Antiques and Tropical Decor on a fun trip to Galveston, Texas, last summer.  I wrote about the incredible nautical salvage store in this post.


Here’s Michael holding the flag at the store.  Who would have thought that a year later, we’d be hanging it up in a nursery?


I could never figure out the right place to put the flag in our new house and had been keeping it tucked away in a closet.  When it came time to decorate the nursery, I knew I’d found the perfect place for the ship’s flag.  I found the blue sailboat and sea foam green fishing float on summer clearance at World Market.  I’ve had the vintage sand pail and shovel for several years.  The store I found it at is no longer open, but you can find it here on Amazon. Etsy and Ebay also have a charming selection of vintage pails.  The wooden sea friends are from Etsy, and they were shower gifts from my sisters.


I’m very happy that our little one will be in the presence of books from day one.  He has already amassed quite a library of board books.  Many of them have been passed down from my nieces and nephews, and some of them are gifts for little Michael.

Meet “Big Bill Pelican,” a vintage Fisher Price pull toy from 1961.


I think he is an essential toy for a nautical boy’s nursery!  My sister found him in an antique store in New Braunfels when we were shopping together this summer.  Big Bill  must not have been played with very much; he’s in excellent condition, still has his pull string, moves his bill up and down, and makes the most adorable squawking noise when pulled along.


In addition to the books and Big Bill the Pelican, many of the items on the shelves are sentimental.  My mom spent so much time cleaning and organizing boxes full of rubber squeaky toys, wooden pull toys, and animals from when I was a baby.  It is very special for me to be able to share my own childhood toys and stuffed animals with our son.

Here’s “Rocky Coonhead,” a stuffed animal from my grandmother.  There are pictures of me in my crib with this little guy.  My mom gave him a new mouth this summer since his original one was lost in the wash.


More Fisher Price and animal friends:

The Steiff black poodle was my mom’s when she was little, and it’s name was “Snobby.”  The owl is a music box stuffed animal from West Germany that I had when I was little.

When little Michael is older, the baskets on the bottom will allow him to play, play, play and still have his toys cleaned up at the end of the day.  For now, the toys look cute displayed on the shelves.

IMG_7216 (2).jpg

My mother-in-law gave me the anchor print diaper bag from Ju-Ju Be (on the middle shelf).  I’m so excited about this bag!  Ju-Ju Be bags are beautiful, well-made, and functional all at the same time.  It will probably get a post of its own in the near future.

And Michael and I couldn’t have a nursery for our little one without a basket full of cuddly puppies.  These cuties were mine when I was little.  The soft grey one with the big eyes was sewn by my mom, and now little Michael gets to snuggle with him.


My mom also made me the smiling polar bear sitting on the rocker.

IMG_7171 (2).jpg

Now all that’s missing is our turkey baby!  The IKEA nursery furniture and shelving are functional and also lend themselves to a nautical and beach cottage look.  Michael and I are so grateful for all the thoughtful gifts we received to help us prepare the nursery for our little one.  There is a lot of love in this room!

3 thoughts on “Nautical and Seaside-Inspired Nursery

  1. I love baby Michael’s nursery! It is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen! Great blog Heidi, and you’re right, the flag over the bookshelf is so perfect!


  2. I love how it all came together! Like Michelle said, the flag really has found its perfect spot. So many great memories in those toys from your childhood. Love little one’s nursery!


  3. Your room is so full of wonderful ideas and gifts from everyone who loves you. I can’t believe that you put this all together so beautifully while you are frantically getting ready for your move, but I am glad you did. Little Michael will have a beautiful place to spend his first years. Everything goes so well together. Great job! Viel Liebe!


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