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Bambino Beach Shower


I’m so excited to share all of the beautiful and beachy details from my baby shower.  My three sisters gave me a very special shower, filled with seaside, ocean, and nautical inspiration.  This nautical wreath, with an “M” for little Michael, greeted guests at the door.  My sister-in-law, amazing everyone with her creativity, made it for us.


It was such a happy day for me, and I loved spending the afternoon with friends and family, celebrating little Michael’s imminent arrival.

Below is the glass bottle in which guests could leave a word of advice for Michael and me as we prepare to welcome little Michael.  The “message in a bottle” was right next to my nautical baby book.  Michael and I had a lot of fun reading all the words of advice when I returned home.  I love the twine and starfish wrapped around the top of the bottle.

IMG_6450 (2).jpg

Dainty sandwiches, croissants, pasta salad, fruit, and sea foam green punch were served on a table alongside the stunning baby blue hydrangea and creamy rose floral arrangement.

IMG_6486 (2).jpg

I’m so excited to hang the “Michael” banner in the nursery above his crib!  My sister-in-law designed and made it for me, and I love the nautical and beachy fabric she picked out.  The ribbons include some sea glass blues and greens as well as golden pineapples and anchors.   She also made this adorable seahorse banner which is going in the nursery to add some sea life flare to the walls.

IMG_6714 two.jpg

Here’s a closer look at the fabric she found for the ribbon:


The anchors and pineapples are charming and complement the sea glass colors in a way that blends the two themes I want to use in the nursery effortlessly.

This little fellow, also made by my sister-in-law, will add a loving message to the decor in the nursery.  It’s such a meaningful saying that ties in perfectly with the nursery theme.


Speaking of sea life for the nursery, my sister made this incredible felt mobile.  I am in love with the smiles she stitched on their happy faces.  Little Michael will be mesmerized as he gazes up at his colorful ocean friends. The bubbly sequins are sewn onto the critters and the water bubbles, and they sparkle and glimmer when the light hits them.

IMG_6458 (2)

IMG_6456 (2)

I thoroughly enjoyed the games at the shower.  I’ve always loved animals, particularly baby animals, and my sisters found the perfect game to celebrate my fondness for cuddly little critters.  One of my sisters found small baby animal puzzles, and guests had to team up and race to complete their puzzle.

Here I am with two of my nieces, the winners of the baby animal puzzle contest:


The other game kept guests busy while I was opening gifts.  Each person was given a bingo card, and they had to look and listen for the baby things, such as a pacifier, burp cloth, or diapers, I was receiving to get a bingo.  The prize for the winners of the games was a blue bottle of “Sparkling Seas” hand soap, with glittery sand dollars and a ship’s wheel on the bottle and wrapped with twine.

IMG_20160806_135027   two

After the puzzle game, it was time for cake and coffee.  Here I am holding the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Starfish” cake.  The blue starfish looked adorable on the white icing, and the polka dots on the side reminded me of my wedding cake.


After the delicious cake and coffee, I was showered with gifts.  Actually, it was more like a downpour!  My mom had been knitting a baby blanker for Little Michael since right about the time we shared the news that we were expecting.  She also finished knitting an ocean blanket for me in time for the shower.  I was very touched by the sweet way she wrapped the two blankets in a sea foam green coastal memory box.  My blanket is the “mommy,” and she had her arms around the baby blanket.  Tucked into the baby blanket was a whimsical raccoon to remind me of the little stuffed raccoon I had when I was a baby.


Little Michael’s knit blanket is nice and soft and has a beautiful shell pattern on it.


My ocean blue blanket was made with a special type of knitting.  It’s thick, and it will keep me warm and cozy during the Ohio winter.


I’m so grateful for all of the things we received for little Michael and his nursery.  You would laugh if you saw how full the car was when my mom and I drove back to Ohio.  It means a lot to me that friends and family came from near and far to help us celebrate and prepare for the arrival of little Michael.  The baby shower was a very special occasion for me, and one that I will never forget.

As guests were leaving, my sisters bid them farewell with these seaside-inspired bags containing a silver starfish and blue salt water taffy.



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