23 Weeks

How Big is Baby McLees?  At a week shy of 6 months, our little one is between 11 and 14 inches long and weighs a little over 1 pound.  He is comparable in size to the following: a grapefruit, a large mango, a can of WD-40, a baby pudu (a tiny, adorable South American deer, actually the world’s smallest deer), and a chinchilla.

Speaking of tiny things, I found these bambino beach sandals at the Old Navy outlet in San Marcos.  The best thing about them is they were on sale for $2!

IMG_6227 (2).jpg

Movement: Little Michael continues to amuse me with his movements.  For this past week, he was most active while I was sitting watching movies with my parents, after I ate, and after I had my morning coffee.

Milestone: We’re just a few days shy of 6 months.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  I’ve been feeling exceptionally well!  The only symptom to report is the continuation of the carpal tunnel, but the wrist splint is always close by and takes care of the problem.  In the mornings, early because of the heat, I have been going on long walks around my parents’ neighborhood.  The walks feel great; there’s lots of hills that give my legs a good workout.

Maternity Clothes:  My Texas wardrobe consists of denim maternity shorts, knit tank tops, my black workout shorts, and cotton dresses.  It’s hot and humid down here, folks.

Nighttime:  I’ve also been sleeping very well in my old bedroom at my parents’ house.  My mom dries the sheets outside in the sunshine, and this makes for a crisp, clean, and fresh bed!

Food I’m Avoiding: Pork remains absent from my diet, but I did enjoy some spicy shredded chicken tacos when my sister had me over for dinner.  The chicken was extremely moist and tender since it had been cooking all day in a Crock-Pot with spices and salsa.  The recipe she used is very simple, so I will have to do a post on these savory chicken tacos.

Food I’m Enjoying: I continue to be spoiled by delicious and healthy meals made by my mother.  My current favorite is a Greek pita filled with a mix of vegetables, including carrots and cucumbers, seasonings, and quinoa.  Look for another recipe post about this tasty and light summer meal.  Enjoying Tex-Mex has been a priority for me on my Texas trip.  You have no idea what a treat an enchilada platter is for me coming from Ohio.  The few Mexican restaurants we do have up there are certainly not serving up anything remotely close to Tex-Mex.


So far, I have indulged in two enchilada platters (with fresh flour tortillas, chips, and salsa, of course) at Mamacita’s with my family and Adobe Verde in Gruene with my friend Sara.

 Helpful Tips from Family:  My mom has been unpacking the boxes and bins containing my baby things, stuffed animals (I had so many I could fill an ark), and toys.  This has been a particular special experience for me because she also brought out the photo albums from when I was a baby and toddler.  In the photographs, I can see some of the little animals and toys beside me in my crib or next to me on a blanket.  My mom has spent a lot of time cleaning and mending the toys and animals I want to have for little Michael.

Best Moment this Week:  Michael and I picked out pieces for little Michael’s nursery furniture from IKEA a while back.  When we went to the IKEA in Round Rock with my sisters last week, my mom got us his crib, mattress, and changing table.  I enjoyed spending time with my mom and sisters looking at all the baby items.  I can’t wait to start setting everything up in the nursery.  I really like the white furniture.  It will provide a simple background for all of the coastal and nautical accents I want to decorate the nursery with.

Here’s some pictures from IKEA’s website.  Meet the IKEA Sundvik crib:

IMG_6341 (3).png

the Gulliver changing table:

IMG_6346 (2).png

For storage, we want to use the Kallax shelving unit with the Knipsa sea grass baskets as inserts.  The sea grass baskets will add a coastal vibe to the shelves.

The Young House Love blog has some fantastic ideas for using the Kallax shelving unit.  This blog inspired me to incorporate the shelving unit into little Michael’s nursery.  I especially like the way they decorated the top of the shelves in the boy’s room with a sailboat, baskets, globe, and world map.  They put baskets on the bottom shelves for storage.  I love this look for little Michael’s nursery.  You can see the blog post, called “House Crashing: Stunning in Sydney,” here.  Humorously, IKEA changed the name of the shelving unit.  It’s referred to as “Expedit” in the blog post, but the store has since changed the name to “Kallax.”

What I’m Looking Forward To:  I’m very excited about my last week in Texas. We have several nieces having birthday parties, some fun outings planned with my mom and sisters, and I am having a baby shower!

2 thoughts on “23 Weeks

  1. Another great catch up on how you are doing. I am amazed you have time to do this while you are here. Great time management.Viel Liebe!


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