5 Months

How Big is Baby McLees?  I have to reassess all the cute comparison charts I’ve been looking at each week to see how big the baby is.  Last Monday at the ultrasound, he was 12 ounces!  At around 12 ounces, he’s comparable in size to the following: a baby bobcat, a slender loris, a pygmy owl, a very small cantaloupe, a can of Coke, and a large heirloom tomato.

Movement: Little Michael seems to be moving more and more everyday.  If I eat ice cream, frozen yogurt, or drink my morning coffee ration, I’m almost guaranteed to feel him after a few minutes!  I can also feel him moving when I standing now.  Before, it was just when I was laying down or sitting.

Milestone: It’s hard to believe we are officially at the half-way mark!  20 weeks to go.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  My arms and hands continue to fall asleep, particularly at night.  However, now my left arm and hand have started to hurt in the middle of the night in addition to falling asleep and tingling.  After some googling, I self-diagnosed myself with carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy!  Since my body is producing more fluid, some can get trapped in the “tunnel” formed by my wrist bones and a ligament on the sides of my wrist.  The trapped fluid puts pressure on the nerve that runs from the wrist to some of the fingers.  Hopefully my doctor will be able to give me some tips for dealing with this at my appointment next week.   Other than the funky arm and hand issues, I’ve been feeling great.  I continue to feel hungry all the time as well.

Maternity Clothes: I’m still loving my new maternity workout shorts.  They are by far the most comfortable item of clothing I own right now.

Nighttime:  When my arm and hand started hurting, Michael would find me standing up in our bedroom in the middle of the night wringing out my hand.  He propped up pillows for me to lay back on, and we switched our sides of the bed so I could dangle my left arm off the side.  Some nights it felt like a Chinese fire drill in our bedroom.  Everybody up!  Everybody out!  All in the middle of the night when Michael had to work bright and early the next morning.

Food I’m Avoiding: Pork

Food I’m Enjoying:  Ice cream and soft serve.  Michael and I had some soft serve with my sister and niece in Kentucky, and we both ordered a second bowl!  My sister brought home some smoked Gouda from Holland when we went to Jungle Jim’s last week, and I really enjoyed munching on it.  Gouda cheese is the most distinct pregnancy craving I’ve experienced so far.

Helpful Tips from Family:  My sister, Christina, and her family came to visit us last week, all the way from Texas.  Each evening, she surprised us with something for little Michael.  I’m really happy for the parenting books she gave us.  One of the books contains weekly developmental activities we can do with little Michael.  I’m very interested in the Love and Logic book because I had a lot of success using its principles as a teacher.  The Baby Wise book has lots of strategies for getting baby to sleep.  The best thing was hearing advice and stories from Christina and my brother-in-law, Casey, as they shared what they found useful from these books and strategies.


She also made me an awesome set of high contrast visual stimulation cards for little Michael.  I can’t wait to use these!  She labelled the back of each card with the appropriate age, 1 or 2 months.


They shared with us how they liked to prop up the cards for baby to see when changing diapers or putting baby down for a nap.


It was so sweet of her to take the time to make these activities for us to use with little Michael.  She also gave us some board books for his growing library.  I love that he is going to have a library in his nursery.


Baby’s First Book is a new release of a classic Golden book my sisters and I had when we were little.  For Brown Bear Brown Bear, she gave us a set of colorful visual cards that go with the characters in the book.


Little Michael also got some adorable wooden toys from Germany.  I used to have a group of boy dolls that would hang across my stroller or crib.  Everyone referred to them as my “boyfriends,” and this set of smiling dwarfs reminds me of them.


We even got a wooden pacifier clip with a friendly little mouse and pieces of cheese.


Finally, Christina and Casey shared with us that they used to read Dr. Seuss to their little ones before they were born and then continued to read the same story at bedtime after they were born. Casey said he still has Hop on Pop memorized from this time!


Best Moment this Week:   We had a wonderful visit from Christina, Casey, and my nieces and nephew.  We loved showing off Cincinnati to our first family visitors.



It was also very special sitting and talking with them about things they did when my nieces and nephew were babies.  Little Michael is our first, so we are happy to get advice and ideas from veteran parents.

And my nieces and nephew are very excited about getting a new cousin!




3 thoughts on “5 Months

  1. We had such a good time with you guys! You were excellent hosts and took wonderful care of us-everyone felt right at home. Thank you so much for sharing your house with us and showing us around your new home. It was so nice to be able to see first hand your life and this new area of America! We love all three of you!!!!


  2. Thank you! It meant a lot to us that you came to visit during your vacation. It just went by so, so fast! Too fast! We love you too!


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