It’s a Boy!

I’m still beaming from our ultrasound experience on Monday.  Michael and I had such a fun morning with Baby McLees!

Here we are in the waiting room.  Michael wore a blue polo, but he said he just threw something on, and was not thinking about gender colors.  I wanted to wear a dress for this occasion, and chose a pink and blue one.


The ultrasound tech came and got us pretty quickly.  I was glad we didn’t have to wait around once we were at the doctor’s office.  I had been up on and off the night before because I was so excited about seeing our little one for the very first time and finding out if it was a boy or a girl.  Every time I woke up, only 30 minutes or so had passed.  Morning seemed to take forever to arrive.  I had been counting down the days to June 27 since our last baby appointment at the beginning of the month.  It was finally here!

Our tech was all business, and very proficient at her job.  Once she brought us back to the room, I was on my back and staring at the screen in what seemed like seconds.  There was no time for chitchat or visiting with this woman!


The first thing that popped up on the screen was baby’s head, and she began measuring and assessing the brain.  Then she moved to the face, looking at the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.  She described each feature she was measuring as she scanned the baby.  I settled in and enjoyed the movie while Michael held my hand.

Say hello to Baby McLees:


Each measurement and scan brought us geographically closer to answering the big question.  After looking at the face, she moved on to the heart.  Michael and I were fascinated when we saw the color-coded blood flowing in and out of the beating heart.  And that beating heart!  There it was, healthily beating away right in front of our eyes.  It was truly amazing to see it on the ultrasound.  She performed a heartbeat scan and the computer clocked it at 139 bpm.

You can see the heart in the top of the picture, and the heart rate scan is on the bottom.


Hmmm.  139 bpm.  That was my first clue about the gender during the ultrasound!  One of the old wives’ tales states that a heartbeat above 140 bpm points to a girl, and below 140 bpm points to a boy.  At our first appointment, baby’s heart was beating at 160 bpm.  All babies have higher bpm’s in early pregnancy.  It was 145 bpm at our next appointment.  Both of these indicated a girl.  But here we were in the ultrasound looking at a heart beating at 139 bpm, right below the boy threshold for the old wives’ tale.

After she finished observing the heart, she moved on to the kidneys, and we could see fluid moving through them.  Then she checked out the stomach, hands, arms, femurs, lower legs, and adorable little feet.  We also got see the umbilical cord attached to where baby’s belly button will eventually be.

Here are Baby McLees’ adorable little feet:

All of a sudden, she asked us what we were hoping for, a boy or a girl.  I told her a healthy baby (but all along I’ve been hoping for a boy).  Michael said the same, just a healthy baby, but indicated that he was kind of hoping for a boy.  Then she told us, “well, it’s a boy!”  An undeniable image of baby’s boy parts were now staring back at us on the screen.  We are going to have a son!

After discovering baby’s gender, she moved on to examine his (!!!) spine.  Apparently, he was not cooperating as much during this part of the ultrasound.  His hands seemed to be moving all over the place.  She moved the wand around, nudging him to move in the direction she needed him to in order to scan the spinal region.  After some gentle poking and pressure from the wand, she finally captured an image of the spine for measurement.  I was impressed at how well she was able to get baby to move by applying pressure with the wand.

When the ultrasound was complete, she gave us 6 beautiful pictures  and a printed report.  We were both overjoyed to learn that we have a healthy baby and that the baby is a boy.  We had to be back at the doctor’s office in an hour to go over the ultrasound report and have a monthly check-up.  During the in between time, we went to lunch and couldn’t stop talking about our son!

When we returned to the doctor’s office, she seemed very pleased with the ultrasound results.  Our little one is growing healthily.  In my last blog post, I shared that Baby McLees is about 6.5 ounces in weight.  Evidently,  that is not the case.  During the ultrasound, he was estimated to weight 12 ounces!  He is big, but our doctor said this is no surprise considering the height of his parents.  Right now, his femur and humerus are both in the 90% percentile, so he might just be tall like us.  His abdominal circumference is in the 96% percentile, and our doctor said the placenta is doing a very good job of nourishing him.  I had no idea we would get so much information about baby’s growth and development so quickly after the ultrasound.   It was fascinating to learn so much about the baby.

The report did indicate that the placenta is in a low lying position.  The doctor did not seem worried about this.  She said that she expects it to move upwards as the uterus continues to grow.  The low lying position can be a problem in the third trimester if it rests over the cervix and blocks baby’s path for delivery.  “Low lying placenta” sounded very alarming to me, and Michael could tell I was already starting to worry.  He asked her to reiterate that I have nothing to worry about at this point, and she smiled and repeated that she was not concerned.  She told me that 50 years ago, a low lying placenta would not even have been part of the conversation.  We might have another ultrasound in the third trimester to confirm that the placenta has indeed moved upwards.  After discussing the ultrasound, we got to hear the heartbeat on the doppler.  The doctor also went over some things for Michael and I to be thinking about, including selecting a pediatrician and taking a childbirth class at the hospital.

We left the appointment feeling elated about our little boy.  The ultrasound was a happy and special experience for both of us.

Michael John McLees, III


3 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!

  1. Congratulations!!! We are so excited to have another little cousin to play with! I love how I can feel how excited you are about baby Michael through your writing, and I also can totally picture Michael getting serious with the OB about this low lying placenta business when he could see you were worried. I hope it moves up like it is supposed to and your pregnancy can continue to be a stress free pregnancy!!


  2. This is sooooo exciting. Thank you for the detailed report about what is going on. This did not happen when you guys were born. We are very happy for both of you and all of us. He really looks sweet. We thought your way of telling us his gender was terrific. It gave us the anticipation which is so exciting. Can’t wait to hear how the Smiths enjoyed it. Viel Liebe X3


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