18 Weeks

How Big is Baby McLees?  This week, our little one is comparable in size to the following: a sugar glider, a spotted salamander, a newborn dassie rat (not counting the tail length), a bell pepper, and a sweet potato.  He or she is about 5.5 – 6 inches long and weighs approximately 6.5 ounces.

Movement:  I’m excited to share that it is starting to happen!  When baby moves, it feels like there is a tiny water balloon poking below my belly button from the inside.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before!  The first two times I felt the baby move were when I was driving in the car and later on that day when I was sitting on the couch watching TV.

Milestone:  Feeling Baby McLees move for the first time is this week’s milestone!

Pregnancy Symptoms:  The only symptom to report this week is more round ligament pain, but nothing unbearable.  Sometimes I feel it when I’ve been sitting for a while, but usually it comes on when I’m standing.  It’s funny because I never feel it when I’m walking or biking. I am getting back into the habit of daily walks, and I always feel great while I am walking with Kaiser.

Maternity Clothes:  Mission accomplished!  I found a great pair of maternity workout shorts.  They are full panel, and so much more comfortable than my regular shorts.  Not the greatest picture, I know, but I had to give these Target shorts a thumbs-up.  I’m so happy to be walking in comfortable shorts again!



Nighttime:  My mom’s advice, to sleep with my arms down, is working and prevents them from falling asleep.

Food I’m Avoiding: pork and chicken

Food I’m Enjoying:  I don’t think I’ve mentioned how thirsty I am.  I’ve been downing 4-6 bottles of ice cold water everyday.  This week I had some fresh Bing cherries that were both tart and sweet at the same time.  I also enjoyed fruit smoothies, some more watermelon, cantaloupe, and honey dew, saltine crackers with peanut butter, Chicken Tetrazzini (I shredded the chicken in the stand mixer, so it did not offend my taste buds!), and some other casseroles.

Helpful Tips from Family:  My sister-in-law gave me some great advice for picking out a stroller.  She suggested we walk them around the store to really get a feel for how easy they are to steer and also how they collapse for transporting in the car.  This was very helpful advice.  We quickly learned that each type feels slightly different and the level of ease with which they maneuver varies, too.

Best Moment this Week:  Feeling Baby McLees move gets first place, but I also had a lot of fun looking at baby gear with Michael.

Michael:  When we were checking out Target’s baby aisles, I couldn’t have maneuvered the stroller and car seat section without him.  He lifted the car seats off the shelves and tried each one to see how easy it was to connect and disconnect to its base and also to the corresponding stroller.  Then he helped me try out the strollers, figuring out how to collapse them and put them into the upright position again.



Michael also found an adorable book for our little one.


It’s about a little mammal (we’re not sure if Henrietta is supposed to be a mouse, or some other type of critter) that has to learn how to store up fruits and nuts for the long winter.  She loses her stash due to rain, flooding, and bugs, but gets help in the end when all the other forest friends bring her food.  Henrietta’s First Winter is an adorable animal story.  Michael was very sweet to bring it home for the baby.


What I’m Looking Forward To:  My sister, brother-in-law, nieces, and nephew will be here in less than a week.  I can’t wait for our first family visitors to arrive!

3 thoughts on “18 Weeks

  1. Yay! I’m so happy you get to feel the little one moving now! I actually teared up when I saw Michael holding the car seat. I’m sooooo happy for you both!!!! See you soon!


  2. What is a sugar glider? Boy, those shorts do look comfortable–but you won’t win any beauty contest. Just kidding! I found so many push items are not made for tall people, so I am glad you were trying them out. If you have to bend your back somewhat, it can get pretty sore Mary said you decided on a Target stroller, and will help me purchase it for you. We will probably have it sent straight to you.. VBS is over tomorrow. They were all here today for lunch, so we could tell Christina good bye. They were singing all the songs from VBS. It was pretty cool. Mach’s gut und viel Liebe!


  3. Richard III wanted a sugar glider from Polly’s Pet Shop when he was younger. They are so adorable I almost caved… I loved hearing that you are feeling movement- that is the sweetest feeling ever!


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