4 Months

How Big is Baby McLees?  Our little one is comparable in size to the following: a dill pickle, a Philippine tarsier (one of the cutest and smallest primates in the world), a gerbil, and a baby salt water crocodile.  He or she is about 4.5-5 inches long and weighs approximately 3.5 ounces.  Baby may be starting to hear my voice, so I will have to keep that in mind when I’m yelling at Kaiser.  He or she is growing hair, lashes, and eyebrows, and taste buds are beginning to form.

IMG_5576 (2).jpg

Movement:  Getting closer! I’m still eagerly awaiting the first flutter of movement.

Milestone: We hit the 4 month mark!

Pregnancy Symptoms: I’m feeling great and haven’t experienced any more nausea or heartburn.  My headaches are less and less frequent.  I still feel hungry all the time.  I keep reading about the “renewed burst of energy” women are supposed to experience in the second trimester, and I am eagerly awaiting it!  For the past week, I’ve felt more tired than I did during the first trimester.  The only symptom that has intensified is the round ligament pain, and I especially feel it in the afternoon and evenings.

Maternity Clothes:  Like I said last week, I was not impressed with Old Navy’s in-store maternity clothes, but I did buy one item online.  I’ve been wearing the fold-over black knit skirt.  The elastic waistband is very comfortable, and it goes with practically any top.  My regular clothes are definitely becoming tighter.

Nighttime:  Based on what I’ve read and my doctor’s advice,  it’s not a good idea to sleep on my back or stomach, especially when I’m further along.  I’ve been working on getting used to sleeping on my side, but it’s hard to break a habit like sleep position.

Food I’m Avoiding: any kind of pork, baked chicken

Food I’m Enjoying:  I’ve been craving smoked Gouda cheese, sandwiches, freshly sliced jalapenos, and my beloved Trechas, a chile powder for fruits and vegetables.  The problem with my Trechas craving is that it’s not available up here in Ohio.  Even Jungle Jim’s International Market has failed me on this one.  After an extensive search in the store for me, Michael asked the Jungle Jim’s produce guy about it, and he had never even heard of putting chile powder on fruit.  You can get it from Amazon, but it’s significantly overpriced.  My sister is bringing me some when she comes to visit, and I’m stocking up when I’m in Texas in July.  In addition to some preservatives, Trechas powder contains sugar, salt, and red peppers.


Best Moment this Week:  An adorable package arrived from my aunt and godmother.  Michael and I opened it together.  Opening a package and seeing this adorable face looking up at you would put a smile on anyone’s face, but for us, it brought back special memories of all the critters we befriended at our house in San Antonio.

Check out the resemblance; that is a very real-looking stuffed possum!  Baby McLees will love gazing up at this soft and cuddly critter’s large black eyes.  Considering our possum adventures in San Antonio, the stuffed animal is perfect for our baby.  Michael rescued one from drowning in our pool a few years ago.



We brought the little fellow inside to dry him off and warm him up.

The possum spent the night in a pet taxi in our bedroom, all bundled up.  The next morning, we released him in our backyard.

The possum from my aunt arrived with a hilarious book, Possum Come A Knockin, about a prankster possum who knocks on a family’s door and sneaks off before they know who it is.  The story is full of great rhythm for reading aloud.


My aunt obviously knows how much Michael and I love animals and understands that we want to share this with Baby McLees.  The possum and raccoon will be our little one’s first stuffed animals.  The other book in her package was The Kissing Hand, a tearjerker for sure.  This story is about a little raccoon, Chester, who does not want to leave his mother and home to go to school.


It’s a tearjerker because of the sweet and loving way Mrs. Raccoon helps her little one get over being homesick at school.


Mrs. Raccoon gives him a kiss to always carry with him.  Receiving this raccoon story to eventually share with our little one is special for us for two reasons.  First, I had a raccoon stuffed animal named Rocky Coonhead  that my grandmother gave me when I was a baby.  My mom always tells me it was my favorite stuffed animal, and it’s in a lot of my baby pictures.  Second, Michael and I rescued a group of baby raccoons that were born in our attic in San Antonio.  The cute little raccoon that my aunt sent with the book brought back more happy memories from our home in Texas.




Thanks to the books and critters from my aunt, our baby is well on his or her way to becoming an animal lover just like us!

She also sent us some delightful Kathe Kruse dolls from Germany for Baby McLees to hold onto (and for me to hold onto when I’m upstairs dreaming away in the baby’s room!).  The first one has a warm smile and is holding a wooden teething ring.  The baby will enjoy its little antennas.


The second one is a soft baby wearing a striped sleeper with a whimsical red cap.  This one is stuffed with pellets if you want it to sit up.  It’s perfect for baby’s little fingers to hold onto.  I love the sweet and simple expressions on the dolls’ faces.  I remember how cute my nieces and nephews looked when they were holding onto similar German dolls.  Now, I still can’t believe I’m holding little dolls that our own baby will be cuddling in the not too distant future!


The adorable fox towel doll, described by my aunt as a must-have, will be perfect for baby to snuggle up with or clutch in the stroller while he or she chews the corners.  He even has a red bow tie!



Michael and I had a wonderful time opening these thoughtful gifts my aunt sent for Baby McLees.  We also enjoyed remembering all of our animal adventures at our house back in Texas.  I felt like I got a baby shower in the mail!

Michael:  He lets me recline on the couch and relax while he takes care of the dinner prep and clean-up.  He also picked up some smoked Gouda for me at Jungle Jim’s when I started craving this delicious cheese.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  As the ultrasound gets closer, we’re both getting more and more excited about finding out the gender of Baby McLees.  The ultrasound will also let us know many important details about how baby is growing and developing.  It will be reassuring to finally get to see our little one.  I know it will be just like my sister-in-law described, “a cloud nine experience!”


8 thoughts on “4 Months

  1. OMG! The fox is the cousin to Mouse and Rabbit; Eben’s and Eleanor’s favorite toys, also from Tante Oma! They still love those guys. You look absolutely lovely in your picture, and it was fun seeing your past critter friends!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I remember they always had Mouse and Rabbit with them, especially when they were little. Fox is an adorable animal friend for baby! I love his face.


  2. I can’t believe it is already 4 months! So many cute little animals and memories of all your critter adventures on Los Reyes! What a fun package full of woodland animal adorableness for Baby McLees.

    Liked by 1 person

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