15 Weeks

How Big is Baby McLees?  Our little one is comparable in size to the following: an apple, a navel orange, a Hass avocado, an eclair (not a long john), and a canary.  Baby’s legs are now longer than his or her arms.  He or she can sense light, but the eyes will remain shut until somewhere around week 26.  Although I cannot feel it, baby is squirming around quite a bit and also might be hiccuping.

Movement: Still too early.

Pregnancy Symptoms: I’m feeling great!  The nausea is gone, and I still haven’t felt a recurrence of the heartburn episode a few weeks ago.  I am thirsty all the time, even though I drink well over 4 bottles of water a day.  I definitely feel myself getting more sleepy in the afternoon and evening.  My fingernails are continuing to grow nicely, too!

Maternity Clothes: I was excited to learn that the Old Navy right down the street from our house has a maternity section.  However, my excitement quickly waned when I went to check it out this weekend.  What a disappointment!  I found myself staring at a disheveled mess in the back corner of the store.  Items were haphazardly hanging on the racks.  Jeans were thrown in with activewear bottoms and a few thick sweaters left over from the winter season.  I went in there to get a few knit shirts and maybe some cropped pants, check out their dresses, and see how the stuff fit.  Apparently I’m not ready for their maternity pants yet; the ones I tried on would have fallen down if I walked around in them.  In contrast, the tank tops I tried on were extremely tight and very short.  I even checked the tags to make sure they were maternity ones.  I was hoping they would be nice and long like the ones at Target, but that was not the case.  I tried on a cute striped sleeveless dress with side ruching, and that was also a disappointment.  It was too boxy and therefore very unflattering.  That was my sad Old Navy maternity experience.  I was really surprised I didn’t find anything.  So many of my regular clothes come from there, and I am usually very happy with them.

Nighttime:  I’ve been going to bed around 9 or 9:30 like I did when I was teaching.  Michael doesn’t mind; he has to be at work very early anyways.  It does not get fully dark until 10 up here, so it’s funny climbing into bed when light is still coming in from the window.  Then it starts getting light again around 5, which is when Michael gets up.  Regardless of the amount of time it is actually dark outside, I’ve been sleeping very well.

Food I’m Avoiding: Not much has changed- chicken, pork, the deli turkey I used to enjoy in a wrap, and lettuce/salad.

Food I’m Enjoying: Tabasco sauce (still!), cream cheese, corn tortillas, spicy food, cantaloupe, strawberries, bananas, fruit smoothies, the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream Michael brought home for me, and the offerings available at Taste of Cincinnati, a giant food festival downtown where I enjoyed a delicious German sausage on a pretzel bun.

taste of cincy.JPG

Best Moment this Week:  We had a great prenatal appointment yesterday and were able to listen to baby’s heartbeat again.  It was pounding away at about 145 bpm this time.  Our doctor confirmed that everything was going well.  The most exciting part of this visit was getting to schedule our first ultrasound.  It will be near the end of the month, and this is when we will learn the gender of Baby McLees!  We are counting down the days until the ultrasound and having fun with old wives tales that attempt to predict gender.  According to the Chinese gender chart, we are having a boy.  According to the heartbeat, we are having a girl.  So there you have it!

Michael:  Michael continues to do sweet things for me like bringing home one of my favorite kinds of ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, volunteering to cook dinner, and helping out around the house.  We’re also having a great time getting out of the house and doing things together like Taste of Cincinnati.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  My sister and her family are coming to visit at the end of the month.  They will be the first family members to see me as a mom-to-be!  We’re very excited about our first Ohio visitors and can’t wait for them to get here.  I’m also looking forward to registering for Baby McLees.  I feel a little bit overwhelmed when I look at all the options out there for strollers, car seats, monitors, diaper bags, and baby necessities.  Advice and tips would be greatly appreciated!

6 thoughts on “15 Weeks

  1. I check your blog daily to see if there is an update and I felt like I won the lottery when there was an update today! I was going to tell you that H&M has WONDERFUL maternity clothes, their jeans are by far the MOST comfortable! But, if you have one close, it would be worth it to go and not online shop! EEK!! I can’t wait to see what you’re having, but more, I can’t wait to see how excited y’all will be after seeing your sweet baby! (And, I have to admit, I am DYING to make some baby clothes and help with the shower!!) The first time we saw Hunter, he was literally a blob, but you could see his heart beating just as clear as can be, so for the first ultrasound so see a full on BABY and heartbeat and getting the gender is going to be a cloud nine experience!

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    1. I’ve never been to an H&M, but I just looked at their store locator and we have several, including one close to our house. So I will definitely pop in there and check it out. Thanks for the recommendation! You’re right, the day of the ultrasound will be super exciting, and I’ll probably have trouble sleeping the night before!


  2. I love being able to tell the kids how big the baby is-great analogies. I’m always amazed at how fast they do grow. We are getting so excited about coming and are so delighted that we will see you so soon after the ultrasound!!!!!!

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    1. I figured the kiddos would like my animal comparisons. I found a cute chart on Pinterest that gives weekly size comparisons using not-so-ordinary things; I love it! A few weeks to go, and then you’ll be making the trip!


  3. Like your Deutsch picture. Looks tasty too. What a bummer at Old Navy-you just never know The Smiths are also looking forward to their visit with you. What fun. I think they want to go to the zoo. That was a remarkable place for that poor gorilla. It is such a sad story. Have you heard any more about faulting the parents for not watching? VielLiebe!

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