Board Books for Baby

My mom sent us three packages for Mother’s Day, each one wrapped in pink or blue checkered wrapping paper.  The mailman stacked them neatly on our porch, and they looked so cute when I found them.  The boxes were filled with all sorts of goodies for the baby.

She sent board books like Goodnight Moon, Time for Bed, Goodnight Gorilla, But Not the Hippopotamus, a Richard Scarry set, and Peek-A-Who?  The black and white books,  Look Look and Baby Animals, will be great for baby’s eyes as they are developing.  I remember reading them with my nieces and nephews when they were babies.  These books inspired me to start a little library for Baby McLees.   He or she (?!?!) will grow up in a room full of books, just like I did!   I’m looking forward to introducing our baby to the enchanting world of reading.

Inside another box, she put some adorable animal toys: an octopus, a grasshopper pull toy, a Cool Cat, and a Hot Dog, like Beretta.



She also sent us the classic Fisher Price phone that Michael and I both remember playing with when we were little.


We had so much fun opening these sweet gifts for Baby McLees!  It was a special time for me when I brought the baby things upstairs and into the future nursery.  Sometimes, I still can’t believe this is really happening!   My mom said it would be fun to have things to look at in the baby’s room during the wait for his or her arrival.  Seeing the board books and little toys when I go into the nursery room makes it seem more real.

8 thoughts on “Board Books for Baby

  1. What a sweet idea! I love all those vintage looking toys! There is a section in Target where they now have a handful of ‘classic’ toys that have been relaunched! They look like the real thing!


  2. What a sweet Mom you have! Yes, adding toys, books, neutral clothes, and other baby necessities is a great thing to do while waiting for Baby McLees:)


  3. This is so sweetly stated, I have tears in my eyes–lots of great memories when I was waiting for all four of you. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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