3 Months

Today, I am 3 months along and entering the end of my first trimester.  I definitely feel pregnant.  Since I haven’t experienced any really bad pregnancy symptoms, I’m welcoming the symptoms I do have as gentle reminders that Baby McLees is growing inside of me.


I’ve had some subtle, on again/off again nausea and infrequent headaches, but no throwing up.  On some afternoons, I feel extremely tired around 2 or 3 o’clock, but if I exercise in the afternoon, that helps perk me up again. On days when I exercise in the morning, the hour of cardio and showering and getting ready afterwards leaves me feeling completely drained.  I just want to go back to bed!  In the evenings, I’m usually ready to go to bed pretty early.  Last week, Michael and I watched a movie together.  I made it through the first 30 minutes or so, but then ended up falling asleep while still sitting up.  I awoke during the final scene.  Michael did not realize I had been asleep and just thought I was sitting still because I was taking the movie really seriously.  Since the 6 week mark, I have been getting up to go to the bathroom twice during the night, like clock work. Then, when I wake up in the morning, the bladder is full again.  Luckily, the middle of the night bathroom breaks don’t seem to mess with my sleep too much, and I’m usually able to fall right back to sleep when I get back in bed.


When it comes to food, I am always hungry.  Always.  On some mornings, I wake up with thoughts of chocolate glazed donuts, heaping bowls of Captain Crunch, beignets, and waffles with warm maple syrup.  That’s in the morning.  When the afternoon rolls around, I daydream of pizza delivery, cheese, enchiladas, tamales, hot dogs, Frito pie, jalapenos, nachos, toast with butter, and tortillas with butter; you get the point.  I crave starchy carbs and spicy, greasy food.  Where meat is concerned, I have lost all desire for pork and chicken, the white meats.  I will not be cooking baked chicken breasts, pork tenderloin, or pork chops for the foreseeable future.  On the other hand, I can’t seem to get enough red meat!  I only wish there was a place up here that sold authentic Texas-style smoked sausage.  The pork and beef sausage we’ve encountered thus far does not hold a candle to Rudy’s or New Braunfels Smokehouse.

Once I realized I was just going to always be hungry, I decided to buy a Ninja blender.  I found a compact one on Amazon for a little over $30, and so far it has worked very well.  I’m attempting to quell my hunger with frozen concoctions like smoothies and healthy shakes.  For the fruit smoothie, I blend together Fage Greek yogurt (which boasts a whopping 25 grams of protein and only 130 calories), frozen fruits like strawberries, raspberries, mangos, and blackberries, 1% milk, and honey as a sweetener.


I also enjoy frozen banana milkshakes.  I blend together a cup of milk, a packet of rich dark chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast mix, and 1 frozen banana.  Before I was pregnant, I liked to eat 1 large crunchy red apple every day.  I have not eaten a single apple since I’ve been pregnant.  Apples just do not sound appetizing to me.  They’ve been replaced by bananas, both frozen and fresh!  I’m really glad I got the Ninja blender.  The smoothies and shakes taste good even when I’m nauseous, and they’re a lot healthier than the white starchy carbs.

Before I became pregnant, I enjoyed 3-4 cups of coffee scattered throughout the day.  I drank a lot of coffee, and really enjoyed it!  Now,  I’ve limited myself to 1 cup in the morning, and found other drinks to replace my coffee habit.  Surprisingly, it has been pretty easy to cut back.  If I am just missing the warm cup in my hands in the afternoon, I’ll brew a cup of decaf Chai tea with milk and a little sugar.  I’ve also been drinking a lot of herbal tea.  At first, I was really enjoying lemon ginger tea.  The ginger helped settle my stomach when I was feeling nauseous.  Then, I read that the lemongrass in this tea is not recommended for expectant mothers.  Apparently, farther along during the pregnancy, it can cause problems and even induce labor.  I don’t think my tea had enough lemongrass in it to cause any harm, but after reading that, I could no longer enjoy the tea!  I replaced the lemon ginger tea with refreshing raspberry zinger and watermelon lime herbal teas from Celestial Seasonings.  I enjoy them iced, and they’re also a good way to get enough water each day.  Since these teas contain zero caffeine and zero calories, I can enjoy them to my heart’s content.

Finally, I like to chew gum.  I usually chewed mint gum before I became pregnant.  Shortly after learning that I was pregnant, I had to find a different flavor.  The mint gum, for some reason, started making me nauseous.  My new flavor of choice is Juicy Fruit’s Strawberry Starburst sugar free gum.  I’ve also started keeping lemon drops on hand because they seem to help when I feel a little queasy.

Baby Appointment

We had our second prenatal appointment last week.  We got to hear Baby McLees’ heartbeat for the first time!  Our doctor clocked it at a healthy 160 beats per minute.  Hearing the heartbeat was so reassuring and comforting for me.  It was a pretty short appointment.  The doctor confirmed that everything was progressing as it should, and our next appointment is at the end of the month.  I always count the days, and then the hours, till the next appointment.  I love getting confirmation that Baby McLees is doing well!  In addition to going with me to our baby appointments, Michael has been very loving and supportive throughout the first three months.


He has always taken good care of me, but I feel like now that I’m pregnant, I’m in extra good hands!  It seems like he’s always on the lookout for a thoughtful or helpful thing to do for me.  For exercise, I like to go on long walks with Kaiser and ride my stationary bike.   I really enjoy riding my bike to de-stress and just kind of have some me time. We sold my bike before leaving Texas because it would have taken up way to much space in the car on the drive up to Ohio.  I wasted no time acquiring a new bike when we arrived in Cincinnati.  I was probably a little too eager!  I found a 1970’s model Schwinn stationary bike, the “DX 900,” on Craig’s List.  It seemed like just what I needed when we went to look at it at the seller’s house.  We loaded it up in the back of our car 4 days after arriving in Cincinnati.


Unfortunately, this vintage exercise bike sounded like a freight train whenever I rode it.  It was so loud that I could not hear my movies or TV shows, even with the speaker volume maxed out.  I used subtitles or headphones connected to our Roku and just kind of lived with the noise for four months.  The raucous bike made the move with us from our apartment to our new house.  Michael even hooked up his sound bar to the TV in my workout room, but Sony was no match for the roaring Schwinn.  The sound was not contained within the workout room, either!  If Michael was downstairs watching TV or listening to a record in the living room while I was biking upstairs, the Schwinn would shut down his entertainment the moment I began to pedal.

A few weeks ago, I came downstairs after biking, and Michael asked me if I was ready to get a new bike.  He knew the noise generated by the Schwinn put a damper on my bike time.   Evidently, he had been looking on Craig’s List for a while and finally found one close by that looked like a good deal.  It was a recumbent stationary bike.  He went over to the seller’s house to test drive it and check it out.  Once he was sure it was a silent operator and in good working order, he bought it and brought it home to me.  I am so happy to have a silent, sturdy exercise bike.  I’m really enjoying the recumbent style, and I feel like it’s a great exercise machine for a pregnant lady!

IMG_5202 (2).jpg

I didn’t need a new bike, but Michael knew it was something that would make me happy and my exercise time more enjoyable.  I was really touched that he went on a mission to upgrade me to a new bike.


5 thoughts on “3 Months

  1. It is so great to hear all these baby details- I love following along with what you are experiencing. The Schwinn stationary bike story is hilarious… I bet all the pups were very worried when you were exercising- I can just imagine Beretta’s “I am feeling concerned” look.

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