14 Weeks

  How Big is Baby McLees?  Our little one is comparable in size to the following items: a clenched fist, a house mouse, and a large lemon, and measures about  1/2 a banana in length.  He or she can now squint, frown, and grimace.  Baby’s body is coated with a thin layer of hair called lanugo.… Continue reading 14 Weeks



We had some unexpected encounters with nature last week!  Michael came home from work Tuesday evening and spotted a turtle stalled out in the middle of the street a little ways down our cul-de-sac.  When he came in the house to tell me he found an animal that needed our help, I was thinking along… Continue reading Nature


13 Weeks

I’m going to try and complete weekly updates as we journey through this pregnancy adventure.  Right now, my favorite thing about each week is reading about how much Baby McLees has grown and what developments he or she is experiencing.  The baby facts for my weekly updates come from, you guessed it, What to Expect… Continue reading 13 Weeks


3 Months

Today, I am 3 months along and entering the end of my first trimester.  I definitely feel pregnant.  Since I haven’t experienced any really bad pregnancy symptoms, I’m welcoming the symptoms I do have as gentle reminders that Baby McLees is growing inside of me. Symptoms I’ve had some subtle, on again/off again nausea and infrequent headaches,… Continue reading 3 Months