Easter 2016

Michael and I put together a very happy Easter weekend even though we were sad to spend it apart from our families.  We are used to going to our parents’ for Easter, but since we now live in Ohio, it’s up to us to carry on the special traditions we enjoyed in Texas on Easter Sundays spent with family.  This Easter marked the first big holiday in our new house.  We had lovely spring weather, and although the morning started out on the chilly side, the temperature was in the 70’s by the afternoon.  The beautiful and immense tree in our front yard is in full bloom.  It’s called a Bradford Pear Tree, but only because of its shape.  It is not a fruit-producing pear tree.


The entire time we’ve been married, I have never dyed Easter eggs.  This year I looked forward to coloring some eggs and later eating hard-boiled eggs and egg salad sandwiches.  It’s funny that the only time I think to make egg salad is right after Easter.  We both love egg salad sandwiches, and they make a fun and simple dinner.  My sister pinned some different ways to color eggs, and I was eager to try out a blue ombre, kind of oceany technique to create various hues of blue.  We also used the same technique with pink dye.  Michael helped me with the egg dyeing process.  Each cup contained a different amount of dye, progressing from 2 to 60 drops.  We mixed the dye with boiling water and vinegar and let the eggs soak for about 5 minutes.



I think the pink ones showed more of a spectrum of color than the blue, but I was happy with the way they turned out.


You can find the ombre decorating instructions here.  They are very easy to follow.

We always have a homemade Easter cake at my mom’s house, so this year I wanted to bake something for our own Easter celebration.  One of my sisters pinned a variety of adorable Easter-themed cakes because she was baking several for a bake sale at her church.  My favorite was a bunny cake with a chocolate bunny sitting in a strawberry patch.  The best thing about this particular cake is that it is super easy and fool-proof, even for people like me who struggle to neatly ice a cake.

To start, all you have to do is select a chocolate cake mix and bake and ice the cake.



It doesn’t matter if your icing job becomes a mess of crumbs or if the two cake halves separate from the baking pans in less than perfect fashion.  The entire cake, along with any of your cake baking or icing mishaps, will end up being covered with decorations!

When the cake is ready, it’s time to construct a “fence” for your strawberry patch.  Use Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes broken into varying heights to build the fence posts.



Next, prepare and refrigerate the chocolate-dipped strawberries that will go inside the fence.


When the chocolate has set, arrange the strawberries on top of the cake.  Begin with a row of strawberries that will form a support for the chocolate bunny.  Place the bunny securely on top of the cake and resting on the strawberries in the back, and then continue to place the remaining strawberries on top of the cake.



To complete the look, tie a cheery red bow around the Pirouettes.

IMG_4913 (2).jpg

My sister found this cake idea from the Texas Monkey blog, and this blog contains lots of fun cake ideas you can browse here.

Before cutting into our Easter cake, we sat down to a tasty dinner of ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, and fresh green beans.  Michael made the gravy and mashed potatoes, and they were both outstanding.


We didn’t have rolls with this meal, but I saw this at Wal-Mart, and had to mention it.  It’s a sculpted butter bunny!  I think it would look charming on the Easter dinner table next to the rolls.

IMG_4866 (2).jpg

Speaking of bunnies, I found this adorable bunny holding a baby bunny waiting beside my Easter basket from Michael.  I can’t help but smile when I look at it!


Our first Easter in Ohio was a very happy one.  We miss our families very much, but we were both able to talk with them via Skype or FaceTime.  Visiting with my nieces, nephews, sisters, and parents on Skype was a treat because I felt like I was right there with them in the living room.  It was also fun to see everyone dressed up for Easter.

IMG_4929 (2).png







4 thoughts on “Easter 2016

  1. What a fun Easter!! We miss you, but it looks like you’re settling in so nice in your new home! Your cake looked wonderful!


  2. The cake looks so spectacular! I love the pirouette fence. I am going to look for that adorable butter bunny next year.


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