First Snow

We had our first measurable amount of snow today!  When we woke up this morning, Michael peeked out our bedroom window and found everything covered in a blanket of white.  About 2 inches of snow had fallen over night.  This is my first experience with a significant amount of snow, and it really does transform the landscape.  I knew I would love the way our “Christmas tree” looks with the powdery white stuff on its branches.  My new rain boots make trekking around in the snow a breeze.


Michael was busy pouring salt on our sidewalks and driveway this morning.  He also cleared the moving boxes out of our garage and put them in the basement.  Now we won’t have to deal with this the next time we need to go somewhere.


The arrival of the snow transformed our back yard into a winter wonderland.  The snow on the fir trees is beautiful.


Here’s a look down our cul-de-sac.



Michael is more tolerant of the cold; I needed my coat!
house in snow.jpg
the front of our new home

We are officially moved into our new house!  Our Pack Rat storage pods were delivered Thursday morning, and Michael hired 2 movers to help us unload them that afternoon.  He timed the delivery of the pods just right because it ended up raining all day Friday, and now we have snow.  When we were moving in on Thursday, we were lucky to have clear blue skies and mild temperatures in the 50’s.


All the boxes from our bedroom, kitchen, dining rooms, and living room are unpacked.  We’re loving the basement!  We are storing so much stuff down there.  There is no shelving in the garage, so it’s convenient to be able to put certain items that we don’t need right away down in the basement.  Michael has been the handy man, installing three new faucets we were able to pick out for our bathroom sinks as part of the closing, putting our bed together, wiring all of our t.v. and music equipment, cleaning out our direct vent fireplace and its glass window (which was probably the first time it had ever been cleaned), deep-cleaning the oven door (again, probably the first time anyone ever cleaned it), and drilling holes to hang up things like our towel racks.

dogs by fire.jpg

The dogs are adjusting well to their new home.  Most of the time, they prefer to snuggle up in their beds and sleep by the fireplace.  We had a lot of fun watching each dog experience snow on the ground for the first time.  Kaiser seemed to love it, Beretta enjoyed tunneling around the yard for a little while, and little Dutchess was ready to go back inside as soon as she put a paw down on the cold snow.

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