Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve! Michael and I are enjoying Christmas time in our cozy apartment.  We’ve been watching all the classic Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate (well, Michael has been drinking hot chocolate; I’ve been sipping Bailey’s, yum!), eating homemade Christmas cookies and Stollen (courtesy of my sister, Christina, and her husband, Casey), perusing old Christmas photos, going for night walks to look at lights, and listening to Christmas music.



Kaiser insists on using the little dogs’ bed instead of his own!

We went to a drive-through Christmas lights display called Holiday in Lights.  The lights are in Sharon Woods Park.  We had a cozy time looking at all the unique scenes.  It was below freezing outside, but we wanted to get a good view of the lights.  We rolled down the windows, opened the sunroof, and blasted the seat heaters.  Michael Buble provided Christmas tunes for us in the car.  Near the end of the drive, they hung mistletoe above the road for visitors to stop and steal a kiss.





The temperature today is quite mild, in the mid 60’s, and we have clear skies.  It’s been about 20 degrees above normal for the last week.  I took Kaiser on a nice long walk this morning and really savored the warmer weather.  It felt like I was in Texas!  Lots of people were out walking, running, and enjoying all the neighborhood parks.

Tonight we are going to Christmas Eve Mass at 8:30.  For Christmas Day, we’ve decided to try out Cincinnati’s downtown casino, the Horseshoe.  They have a top-rated buffet, and it gets rave reviews.  Our realtor recommended it to us.  The casino is large and always looks busy when we drive by.  It will be interesting to compare it to the casinos in Las Vegas.  It might seem like a funny thing to do on Christmas Day, but since it’s just the two of us here, we think it will be a neat thing to do.

the nativity my mom sent us in our apartment


3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve!

  1. The winged pig in your light show is the same symbol UWE uses for his restaurant sign. I wonder what the real significance of it is??? I am glad you have plans to keep you busy and it sounds like you are doing a good job of enjoying what Cincinnati has available. WE will miss you-I’m an hour away from church and wont have you to help save seats:( Sara will be reading the Christmas pageant Wir lieben euch!.


  2. Cincinnati used to be nicknamed “Porkopolis.” There are pigs and flying pigs everywhere here! I’ll have to write a post about where the flying part comes from. Ich liebe dich auch!


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